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Name of Innovation: Farm/in Team/ Individual Name: Panther Members of the Team: Ankit Shende Name of College and City: College of Engineering, Pune Course of specialization: M.Tech( Manufacturing & Automation Engg.) Year/ Batch: 2 nd Year M.Tech


Choose the stage of Innovation you’ve submitted: Idea: It is at a nascent stage where it is a thought with substantial research material or a design Idea

Office Theme:

The Innovation Chosen industry: Public Services Chosen technologies: Mobility Objective: To develop a web enabled mobile application which will act as a bridge between farmers and investors. Approach: we will collect the data of farmers of particular village along with data of angel investors. Describe the innovation developed: Most of the farmers in India are landless, tenants or having small piece of land they always have short of money for farming. Our aim is to target them & get them angel investor who is ready to invest & when crop yield after selling the profit is divided in ratio 80:15. 5% will be deducted by us from profit as service charges & monitoring of whole system from ploughing of fields to crop yield.

Name of Innovation: Farm/in:

The Innovation We will make a web & mobile application which is accessible by farmer & investor both. We will also search for them & paid services provided as per there requirement. Database Web & mobile application Farmer Investor

Choose the stage of Innovation you’ve submitted::

Compelling need for the innovation To avoid Suicidal cases of farmers. Non-availability of loan to landless, tenant farmer from bank. People who gave money to them charge much higher rate of interest rates. Data shown by government that around 70% of farmer are landless, tenants or having small piece of land. To provide a better platform for farmers and investors both.

The Innovation:

Impact Innovation will improve the living standards of farmers. It will lead to economic growth. Reduction in suicidal cases. Metrics & sustainability For investor will have less risk prone opportunity to earn money. Farmer without collaterals have access to less interest rate funding. As bank provide loans against collaterals and people who give funds will incurred higher interest rate for lending them money.  

The Innovation:

Implementation To make a database of farmers. name, requirement of fund, address, social id number, credit, debit. To make database for investors. name, amount invested, social id number, interest incurred. Web & mobile application login & registration page. search option (farmer/investor, fund required/invested). Direct access to markets to know on going prices of commodities. Selling or pricing of your crop with traders. Services provided & required. Stipulated time required to make application is about 4 months.

Compelling need for the innovation:

The Competitive Advantage banks & government provide loan against collaterals. our innovation cover the aspect where bank fails to provide services. It also provide opportunity to investor to earn with less risk. Till now no such service provider company or government scheme have emerged for bottom level of the pyramid people. So we will have edge to have success.


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