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REGENARATION OF ELECTRICITY FROM HOME APPLIANCES Team Name : GJ Boys Members N. Gopi 111711104032 M. Jerome Micheal 111711104037 P. Muthukalai 111711100458 College : RMK Engineering College, Kavaraipettai Course : Computer Science and Engineering Year/Batch : III/2011-2015 College Id : 1117 Professor guided : 1. R. Precilla M.E. (Ph.D.) 2. R. Dhana Lakshmi M.E. (Ph.D.)


STAGE OF INNOVATION Our innovation project is based on IDEA In this project we use two principle which are given below: Second law of thermodynamics Thermoelectric Effect Second law of thermodynamics “energy can neither be created nor be destroyed it can be transformed from one form to another” The thermoelectric effect is the direct conversion of temperature differences to electric voltage and vice-versa. This was stated by Thomas Johann Seebeck.

The Innovation:

The Innovation Our innovation project is categorized under FINANCE. We use technology like heat eliminating appliances like REFRIGERATOR,AIR CONDITIONOR,THERMOELECTRIC GENERATOR and electricity storing devices like BATTERIES. Our project objective is to convert the heat energy into electrical energy to meet the scarcity of electricity that the people is meeting at present. Once the heat energy is released by the heat eliminating appliances it is then subjected to meet a thermoelectric generator. According to Seebeck effect, heat is meet with the thermoelectric generator and the voltage will be produced which can be transferred to batteries or secondary cells and store the electric energy there. The stored electrical energy can be used up whenever required . Maximum Points: 10

Compelling need for the innovation:

Compelling need for the innovation O ne of the most important scarcity in Tamil Nadu at present is Electricity. The villages and towns in Tamil Nadu are suffering up to 8-10 hours current shut down daily and the statics says the current shut down will increase. By the end of the February, TANGEDCO announced that the electricity required is about 11,500-12,500 MW and the availability of the electricity is about 8,500 MW, leaving a gap of 3,000 - 4,000 MW. Though the Wind power generation is effective from the month of June to December the remaining days will meet the electricity scarcity. The Kudankulam Nuclear Power Project has been opened shortly and it has been producing about 130MW and the capacity will increase upto 1000MW. Yet it does not meet the requirement. So, it in order to meet the requirement the generation of electricity is required. Maximum Points: 20


Impact As we mentioned earlier Tamil Nadu is suffering from the electricity and it is about 3000-4000MW is required. By our idea, we can generate the electricity at home and use it at the time of current shut down. The refrigerator and air-conditioner is found mostly at all our home and both electrical unit will run all the day long. The heat is released by both unit and is not used yet i.e. it is released into the atmosphere freely. So, by placing the thermoelectric generator the heat is generated into electricity energy and we will get approximately about 10 watt of electricity These electricity will be stored in batteries and it can be used later. For instance, in our home if the current is not there and it will come after one hour only then we can use the electricity which are stored at batteries Though inverter is used in many home, it should be recharged so that we can use it. For recharging the inverter electricity is been required whereas here no electricity is required for charging up the batteries Maximum Points: 30


Implementation Maximum Points: 50

The Competitive Advantage:

The Competitive Advantage As the electricity demand is going on increasing and people should be aware of the scarcity about the electricity. People may use inverters and generators for electricity at the time of power cut but both require some requirement which is not renewable. Whereas in our idea, we use the heat which is going wastefully to atmosphere and it is coming out of the electrical component. So, when compared to the inverters and generators, our idea is much useful and it does not affect the atmosphere also. The inverters have to be recharged which is done with help of electricity whereas the regeneration of electricity using thermal generator does not require electricity. The generator which is used in companies and schools requires diesel to start their ignition but the thermal generator does not require diesel and all. Maximum Points: 30

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