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Energy Harvesting System :

Energy Harvesting System Team/ Individual Name: Civilians Members of the Team: Deepak A, Harish K, Manikandan S K, Rajkarthik M Name of College and City: Karpagam College of Engineering Course of specialization : Mechanical Engineering Year/ Batch : 2013/ 2011-2015

Stage of Innovation::

Stage of Innovation:


Survey Only about  15 percent  of the energy from the fuel you put in your tank gets used to move your car down the road or run useful accessories, such as air conditioning. The rest of the energy is lost to engine and driveline inefficiencies - California Energy Commission

Energy losses in a Vehicle:

Energy losses in a Vehicle

Engine Losses:

Engine Losses In gasoline-powered vehicles, over 62 percent of the fuel's energy is lost in the internal combustion engine (ICE). ICE engines are very inefficient at converting the fuel's chemical energy to mechanical energy, losing energy to engine friction, pumping air into and out of the engine, and wasted heat .

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But wait, IC engines are the most efficient known yet!

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T he ultimate 'green' way to create electricity using waste heat to create electricity with no carbon dioxide or any other pollutants

Heat Energy harvesting:

Heat Energy harvesting A revolutionary energy conversion method is in the early stages of development Would have wide-sweeping impact on creating environmentally friendly electricity from waste heat sources

Heat Energy harvesting:

Heat Energy harvesting A new multi- ferroic alloy undergoes a low hysteresis, reversible martensitic phase transformation from a nonmagnetic martensite phase to a strongly ferromagnetic austenite phase upon heating – R&D Team, Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, University of Minnesota Ni 45 Co 5 Mn 40 Sn 10

In plain English…:

In plain English… When biased by a suitably placed permanent magnet, heating through the phase transformation causes a sudden increase of the magnetic moment to a large value.

Variation with temperature::

Variation with temperature: ©  2010, American Institute of Physics

Video Demo!:

Video Demo!

Preparation of alloy:

Preparation of alloy Ni 45 Co 5 Mn 40 Sn 10 is prepared by arc melting the elemental materials Ni (99.999 %), Mn (99.98%), Co (99.99%) and Sn (99.99%) under positive pressure of argon . The resulting buttons are homogenized in an evacuated and sealed quartz tube at 900 ° C for 24 h, and quenched in water.

How could this property be exploited?:

How could this property be exploited? The material could potentially be used to capture waste heat from a car's exhaust that would heat the material and produce electricity for charging the battery in a hybrid vehicle.   Most importantly, if the setup is kept at an acclimatized distance from the engine itself, magnetization effect is great.

Electricity from the flip – flop alloy:

Electricity from the flip – flop alloy Faraday's law of induction Electromagnetic induction  is the production of a  potential difference  (voltage) across a  conductor  when it is exposed to a varying magnetic field.

Does this work?:

Does this work? Why not? Already being used successfully in a number of Electrical Drives.

Charging the battery:

Charging the battery But, big variation in voltage while charging would decrease the lifetime of a battery!

Charging the battery:

Charging the battery

Competitive advantage:

Competitive advantage

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Can this replace alternator?


Comparison Power Produced

Other advantages over alternator:

Other advantages over alternator Not fuel thirsty “After removing the alternator belt connecting the crankshaft pulley, mileage is improved, maybe not radically but fractionally” - Service expert, John Deere Less expensive! Simpler construction

Yes, simpler construction:

Yes, simpler construction

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One more thing…

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Application Coal-powered thermal power plants are a major source of Carbon dioxide i s not limited to IC engines or automobiles! Engines Can be kept around radiators Can be placed at the exhaust end of the vehicle All the automobiles, including airplanes can generate power with the aid of Flip flop alloy!

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Compelling need for the innovation and impact

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If all the waste heat from automobiles and other consumer manufacturing units are harvested by this method, the generated energy is enough to abolish the coal-powered thermal power plants, all around the world, literally

The future:

The future About 43% of the air pollution in the world due to CO, CO 2 and SO 2 emissions from coal – powered thermal plants does not exist

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Dedicated to: Dr. Vijay Srivastava, UMN Yintao Song, UMN Dr. Kanwal Bhatti, UMN Dr. R . D. James, UMN

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And of course, Michael Faraday

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