PID controlled water jet system

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Name of Innovation: PID controlled water jet system (Human body massage Machine) Team/ Individual Name: AKSHAT GOYAL Members of the Team: SANJAY YADAV, ASMA SAYED (Total 3) Name of College and City: Smt. Indira Gandhi College of Engineering, Navi Mumbai Course of specialization: Electrical Engineering Year/ Batch: 2013/8 th Semester College ID: Name of the Professor/ Placement officer involved in this project: Mrs. Monalisa Dash

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Stage of Innovation submitted: Prototype : Our idea has taken shape into a prototype/ model of your innovation. Though the prototype has much more scope of enhancement but the working model of submitted idea is ready and can used for massage thus proving the practical implication of innovative concept of water jet massage machine . Prototype

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The Innovation Summary of the innovation:- Chosen industry : 1) Retail Chosen technologies: Mobility and Analytics Objective: -With increasing stress in current lifestyle, relief using external means is gaining popularity and to an extent is becoming a mandatory requirement. -So considering the changing trends and needs the objective was to design an automated relaxing device which could deliver all high end needs at a price which could be afforded by a common middle class men and massage doesn't remain a privilege for the class. Approach: The development of massage device that would serve the purpose with minimum mess and resources


The Innovation Developed The innovation is all about a PID (i.e. Proportional Integral Differential) controlled water jet machine. 2. An appropriate pump pulls water from a tank and force it into the vertical water jets. 3. The water from jets is aimed on human body, while jets moving to & fro on a frame. 4. In between, a water regulating mechanism controls pressure and give desired force and in spite of massage being done via water jets the user remains dry.

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Compelling need for the innovation 1. As mentioned, that in current lifestyle, the need for relaxation by external means is high on demand. 2. But it is to be noted that all such services involve high costs and several other constrains which restricts most of people from their use. 3. So now we came up with a concept that can deliver the high end services at cost much affordable and can be controlled using the laptops or PC’s at home. 4. Also the user can install the machine in there premises outdating the need for going to parlors, with prior appointments and paying huge bucks along with time. 5. Returning from the work/college after a long tiring day; this machine can be a boon for all such victims. 6. Just lie down, set the time and pressure at a click, take on the headphones and get relaxed in merely 10 mins. 7. All this with no undressing or changing or oiling or any shower.

Name of Innovation: PID controlled water jet system (Human body massage Machine):

Being a portable service massager it can be installed in homes and thus can be sold via existing retail chains and dedicated retail chains where the consumer can experience the impact before actually owning it. And being compact it can be moved easily with wheels in its base. Studying and analyzing, it has been realized that it could also help in curing certain illness and joint pains or frozen joins etc.

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Impact The expected impact of our idea is enormous as no such product virtually exist in Indian markets as of now and if at all any such services are available then they do put a hole in your pocket. Secondly, the markets are vast and just in metros the huge scope exists and beyond that we will be acquiring the tier2 cities in near future. The people or better said the masses will be benefited from this concept. The Success of innovation was a big issue when it was just an idea, looked simple but it wasn’t really. Convincing the team members and professor involved was not easy either but my determination and support from my member really helped us to achieve something we dreamed of. While stepping out in market and industry the concept was appreciated and given thumps up. So success won’t be unachievable. Also we are planning to get this concept and design patented. And talking about sustainability, in future if anyone else comes out with a similar concept then we being the first one to launch it will always remain ahead in the race, And THEIRS NO FUN WITHOUT COMPETITION.

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Implementation PID controlled mobile water jet system is one which will control the water jets using PID controller. The water proof sandwiched sheet will work as a partition between the user and the water jets; this will prevent the user from getting wet while using the system. The water coming out the pump at the first level is having sufficient pressure but is further enhanced by using a pressure booster. This pressured water is then passed via pressure regulating device that is a valve coupled to a DC motor governed via PID to deliver the set pressure by the user. Now this water flows and gets divided in two pipes which goes to junction points getting five jets from each junction.thus total of ten jets. Further we can have few horizontal jets to give enhanced effect; also a heating element will boil water to generate steam and delivering it to the part being massaged.

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Now the jets forcing high pressure water will have impact on body part lying underneath having a specially fabricated thin water proof sheet keeping the user dry and clothed The water jets are installed on a frame which moves on a belt moved by DC, high torque, low rpm motor and have limit switches at both extreme ends, thus reversing motor when it reaches one of the two edge. The water then drains back to the tank thus requiring no continuous supply of water. The designed control circuit/mother board consists of a motor driver, timer, 89c51 micro controller, MAX2329(interfacing), voltage regulator, etc. Further the control screen is designed on VB6 to give controls on windows.

Compelling need for the innovation:

As the prototype is already ready, the only thing that needs to be done is finalizing the market design and fabricating for commercial purpose. 13. Though the development of prototype involved several challenges we still have many more to go through as we proceed with launching the product into market. 14. Convincing the retails chains will be one of the foreseen issues, Also marketing again is of concern but the confidence in our team is roaring and we will get through all the challenges to reach the final goal.




The Competitive Advantage There is no such competition from machine based massagers as it is one of its kind but yes the massage done by humans, to the humans is the biggest competition to be faced. The advantage over human massage is that the pressure delivered is constant and can be adjusted unlike the pressure by human fingers. Also it does not need the involvement of any secondary person who isn’t having the massage . Though the idea was very much original but developing the prototype couldn’t have been that successful without the rigorous support and efforts of my team, professors and several other market people. Not yet but once the commercial deign is ready then we will be pursuing a patent for our innovation.

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