BUS RAISER with GPS technology

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Name of Innovation: BUS RAISER with GPS technology:

Name of Innovation: BUS RAISER with GPS technology Team Name : A.DivyaSree [10RH1A0415] , J.Srilatha [10RH1A0451] Members of the Team: 2 Name of College and City : Malla Reddy Engineering College for Women, dhulapally,Maisammaguda Course of specialization : ELECTRONICS AND COMMUNICATION ENGINEERING Year/ Batch : IV YEAR (2010-2014)

The stage of Innovation::

The stage of Innovation: Idea: the main purpose is to make public travel safely in buses within time with help of inbuilt GPS technology as a software application in mobiles. Idea Prototype

Prototype: fig: processing of communication between mobile software application & bus:

Prototype : fig : processing of communication between mobile software application & bus

The Innovation::

The Innovation: Summary of the innovation : Industry : Public Services Technology : Mobility with GPS technology Objective: to make people to know when the particular bus will arrive to particular stop and whether they are capable of entering the specified bus or not. Approach : using smart display (GPS, Wireless communication (speaker, sensors, detectors, antennas)) Description: our innovation is to display the time i.e within howmuch time the bus is going to arrive at particular stop and to sense whether the person is able to enter that bus or not if it is over loaded after initiating the limit of bus to be 100 people of the capacity.( using GPS technology).

Compelling need for the innovation:

Compelling need for the innovation Now a days many students & working people are facing problems due to improper time for arrival of bus & overloading of it which leads to heavy accidents. For that reason to avoid such inconvinience in society among all people here I put up my innovation to overcome it by proving 2 way communication i.e. GPS communication in bus as well as user mobile. Here we are going to develop a software which will be available for all mobile users as inbuilt application in their operating system. Maximum Points: 30


Impact This idea will create greater impact on every individuals routine life. Travelling in and around to various places is increasing rapidly due to several reasons. it helps you to make you up, where you want to make a way. This idea will be advantageous and benificial all over the nation where mobility and automation is highly concerned. This innovation will be succesfull if people in society show their concern by following few rules considering capacity of bus either as a passenger or a witness person by not allowing the person into bus if the bus has already reached to its limited number i.e 100/bus .


Implementation Requirement s : GPS, WIRELESS COMMUNICATION. Description : This is inbuilt software mobile application which tries to tells the information by which time the bus is going to arrive the stop by providing space for mentioning 1) Source 2)Via 3) Destination places in the software application. The centralised idea is to add fuctioning of detectors within the software application that to be developed in our mobile and by which people will know within what time the bus will come to particular stop and to fix sensors in bus by which the person will know whether he/she can board into that bus or not depending on capacity of bus. It is done by using GPS .wireless media such as antennas ,speaker,sensors are included. this innovative idea must be implemented for sake of people in the society and to curb the issues they are facing like accidents, reaching late to their destinies.

The Competitive Advantage:

The Competitive Advantage Avoiding accidents : It helps to avoid huge accidents that occur on roads due to overloading of buses. Time management : It is benifial in time managing for both students & working people in reaching their destinies in time. Reducing confusion : It also reduces confusion and tension among people who are waiting for buses and don’t know exact routine in reaching their required place. Cost: the cost that will be required in implementing this idea will also be less as it is available as an inbuilt software application for all mobile users of which mobile is ubiquitous object.

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