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Name of Innovation: VOTING SYSTEM:

Name of Innovation: VOTING SYSTEM Team/ Individual Name: Techtronautz 25 Members of the Team: YOGARAJ.P, SEENIVASAN.S.M, PRAVIN.R.P Name of College and City: Karpagam Institute of Technology Course of specialization: Computer science and engineering Year/ Batch: 2/2012 - 16 College ID: 7212 - KARPAGAM INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY Name of the Professor/ Placement officer involved in this project: Mr. S.Gopikrishnan

The stage of innovation submitted::

The stage of innovation submitted: Idea: My idea is about making India a better country in voting system Prototype : Idea Prototype Established Scaling VOTING DATABASE CONTROL UNIT VOTING CANDIDATES

The Innovation:

The Innovation Chosen industry : Public Services Chosen technologies: Mobility Objective : The main objective of my project is to improve the voting rate of India Description about the innovation: The innovation is about the development of voting rate in our country Generally in our country all peoples are not utilizing their right to vote This is due to some kind of terrorists activities in some areas Generally in some parts of our country terrorists activities are in high rate Due to this people are afraid of their life and they refuse to come to poll booth This problem can be overcome by the following scheme We can create a separate database for maintaining the phone numbers of all people in our country Once if all people register their phone’s in that database they will receive a verification code on the day of voting So with the help of that code people can deliver their vote to poll booth without coming to the spot The verification code can be sent in two ways ie . Via text message or voice message Thus both educated and uneducated persons will not have any problem in delivering their vote Maximum Points: 10

Compelling need for the innovation:

Compelling need for the innovation I have chosen the field of public services The technology which I’m going to use is Mobility The ultimate aim of the innovation is to create awareness among the people in casting their right to vote to their country The voting of people changes the lifestyle and welfare of a country Thus voting plays a vital role in development of a country The present voting system in our country is not working good ie . Not all people are casting their vote To bring a solution to this problem I’m going to give a new suggestion Thus making the voting via mobile phones will increase the rate of voting in a country The introduction of this system saves time of people who are going to jobs Moreover the system of standing in queue for casting their vote is avoided and thus voting becomes easier and faster Even the analysis of results after voting also becomes easier. This is because we are maintaining a database for counting the number of votes received Maximum Points: 20


Impact The result obtained after introducing this system will be more than we expected The system will also help in increasing the voting rate in our country Moreover it provide full security to the voter and the method of evaluating the results will be more easier than old method Finally it also eradicates the malpractice in casting their vote to the society Introduction of this system does’ nt require much time in casting their vote it takes less time than old system Maintaining the database is quite easier than maintaining a record note for each party Separate database can be maintained for each political party and the symbols for that parties can be uploaded in that base and the symbol of each parties can be sent to each of the citizen who is eligible to vote   Maximum Points: 30


Implementation Maximum Points: 50 As of now our batch have finalized the Idea and Prototype of our Innovation. In coordination with staff members and needed resources, we are planned to implement our innovation in real-time in proper proposed area and technologies in future.

The Competitive Advantage:

The Competitive Advantage The main advantage in introducing this system is to provide full awareness about right to vote among the people This system can also be a best way of voting for busy peoples who are stuck with lots of works and schedules Moreover this system also provides security to people from the attacks of terrorist And the main highlight of this system is malpractice in casting their vote can be avoided completely For example the person who has registered his/her phone in that database will receive a verification code on the voting day This helps in avoiding the malpractice Maximum Points: 30

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