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Name of Innovation::

Team/ Individual Name : MAYANK SAXENA. Members of the Team : 1 Name of College and City : IET DAVV,INDORE. Course of specialization : ELECTRONICS AND TELECOMMUNICATION. Year/ Batch: 4 th /2010-2014 College ID : DE101592 Name of the Professor/ Placement officer involved in this project: Name of Innovation:

Choose the stage of Innovation you’ve submitted::

Choose the stage of Innovation you’ve submitted: Idea: ‘ELECTRICAL ENERGY UTILISATION’ is basically an idea about how to save our electrical energy resources..The main agenda is to transmit electrical energy through underground wires so as to minimize the uneven using of electricity for its proper utilization and to have environment friendly system. Idea

The Innovation:

The Innovation Summary of the innovation needs to cover the following titles: Chosen industry (one industry): Public Services . Chosen technologies: Mobility. Objective : This idea aims to provide the country to utilize the electrical energy resources in a best possible manner so as to enhance the economy as energy is a very useful resource. Approach : The setup is very simple based on grounding the electricity lines and set up a junction for every area covered . Describe the innovation developed :The proper utilization of electrical energy by the above approach will be fruitful for the country in terms of its growth .It will be environment friendly , reduce wire nets on the street which will remove the deaths due to grabbing of wire and electricity will be saved as people will get aware of its value. Maximum Points: 10

Compelling need for the innovation:

Compelling need for the innovation Energy is most useful resource and one should always use it properly and safely . But now a days there has been improper use of electricity ,people use it in wrong ways , the significance of electrical energy is degrading . The transmission lines are very dangerous and there has been huge loss of life through out the past decades . So proper transmission technology needs to be performed to remove the mugging up of wires on the streets , its proper usage. The project should get an approval so that electrical industry may perform the method and the required usage of electricity would get developed .That will inherently lead to supply of electricity to the rural areas . Maximum Points: 20


Impact The idea is expected to have a great impact on the whole of india.electricity crisis will get removed.Safety of humans is of great concern and that will also get achieved.Indian economy will get uplifted. Every home will get lighted up and farmers will be getting electricity the whole day so that they cultivate good crops and give boom to agriculture sector. Several megawatts of electricity will get saved from getting wrongly used.The streets will now be wire free that will reduce pollution.   Maximum Points: 30


Implementation Firstly,the implementation of my idea will be bounded to some area.It should be practiced and should be monitored within particular timeline.The idea will then need to be implemented in small sections of the cities and towns where proper junction of each area should be built so as to monitor the comsuption of the desired area and to check the faults. The idea has the disadvantage of short circuit during the rains but that can be avoided by using tubes. Maximum Points: 50

The Competitive Advantage:

The Competitive Advantage Electrical energy is very useful resources. That will reduce the risk of death. Economy will get enhanced. Eco-friendly environment. Electricity can get used in other sectors more appropriately. Maximum Points: 30



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