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Name of Innovation: www.fnv.com (www.fruitsandvegetables.com ):

Name of Innovation: www.fnv.com ( www.fruitsandvegetables.com ) Team/ Individual Name: anmolarora6699 Members of the Team: Anmol Arora Name of College and City: IIT Indore, Indore(M.P.) Course of specialization: Computer Science and Engineering Year/ Batch: Batch of 2016 College ID: cse1200103@iiti.ac.in Name of the Professor/ Placement officer involved in this project: <none>

It is an “Idea”.:

It is an “Idea”. Idea: It is at a nascent stage where it is a thought with substantial research material or a design Prototype : Your idea has taken shape into a prototype/ model of your innovation Established: Your submission has evolved into an establishment that you’ve set up and the public is already aware of it Scaling: The innovation submitted has been well accepted amongst people around you and are you are now in the advance stage of scaling up your innovation to the masses Idea Prototype Established Scaling

The Innovation:

The Innovation My Innovation targets Retail sector. Chosen technologies: Mobility. Our Objective is to deliver the public an online platform where they can order fruits and vegetables and they are delivered right at their doorstep everyday. We want to approach those housewives who have to specially take their time out from their jobs to go and buy groceries from a shop. We can also target rich households and hotels who specially have to appoint people to go out and buy groceries from shops. We can even develop a simple device which can easily be used by housewives to book the vegetables a fortnight before they need it so that they can have everything available to them at their doorstep the next morning. Maximum Points: 10

Compelling need for the innovation:

Compelling need for the innovation As people get busy in their professional and personal lives, it is always a burden to go out and buy groceries and household items from the market. People are so much busy in their professional lives that they want to spend as much time as possible with their family. And if we are able to ensure the quality and credibility in our service. We can have life-long customers. Why would anybody want to go out and buy stuff if they are already getting quality products and service right at their doorstep..?? Working wives can order vegetables sitting at their office and get the products delivered at their doorstep as soon as they reach home using “fixed time delivery”. Maximum Points: 20


Impact My idea will offer convenience to not only households but also hotels, college mess and even canteens. This is going to change the way society functions. And we are not snatching away business from street vendors . Instead, we can give them a chance to associate with us and make this market grow as a whole. “Trust” is the main factor. People usually tend to buy from the same source once they find it reliable and trustworthy. So, if we are able to establish quality, we can establish a trend and be a part of people’s lives just like mobile devices and television. It often happens that the stock runs out in one part of the city whereas it is abundant in another. Street vendors often face losses when they are not able to sell off their day’s stock and they are unable to refrigerate it due to lack of resources. We can associate all of them with us and then ensure homogeneity in their incomes at least. This will also help raise their standards in the society. Maximum Points: 30


Implementation This idea requires a big capital investment as we have to target any metro city like Delhi or Mumbai first. Then we will have to do market analysis as to the general trends of housewives. It will take approximately an year to set up contacts with vendors, construct offices, publicize the idea of our services and make a network of delivery persons “area wise”. We have to get the servers online and set up a sales department. It will be a challenge to pursue vendors to associate with us and create a local network of delivery persons. But slowly, if we will try at our level best to deliver quality services, our services will be popular. Fruits and Vegetables are a part and parcel of everyone’s life. So, to ensure their quality standards and appropriate packing, we will have to set up another department at our back end to check and approve the stock. Considering the Economics behind it, delivery will be done only within a specific radius of one office. As quality matters a lot, it will take some time to come up to the level where our customers are satisfied. So, we might as well need to be patient, relax back and see what’s happening. If this turns out to be a success. We can make chains and target cities all over the globe. Maximum Points: 50

The Competitive Advantage:

The Competitive Advantage Most of our competitors offer only specific deals. But we have an edge over them. Not only are we providing them everything at their doorstep, but we also assure them of quality. The Convenience we offer to our Customers will be our USP. It was an idea I had when I was away from home. My Mom was alone at home and she wanted to buy something. Even though she had a headache, she had to go and buy stuff from the market. If there would have been system as such, I could have ordered it online. Anyone would be ready to pay even extra to avail the service. Are you pursuing a patent for your innovation? - Yes Maximum Points: 30

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