An AIR-CONDITIONED Auto Rickshaw Service

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7/11/13 Team/ Individual Name: Akshat Goyal Members of the Team: -NA- Name of College and City: Smt. Indira Gandhi College of Engineering, Navi Mumbai Course of specialization: Electrical Engineering Year/ Batch: 8th Semester College ID: 2009E312 Name of the Professor/ Placement officer involved in this project: -NA- An AIR-CONDITIONED Auto Rickshaw Service


Stage of Innovation:- An IDEA The idea was born, with a thought of providing a comfortable, safe and convenient ride to the daily commuters & that too an affordable price… Though it’s an idea in nascent stage but enough research has been done proving it’s need and success after implementation. The final design is also ready which will be used to develop the AC auto rickshaw; which is vital for this project.

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The Innovation Summary of the innovation:- Chosen industry:- Public Services Chosen technologies:- Mobility, Social Media and Analytics The Objective / idea is to, make an innovative Air-Conditioned, Auto rickshaw with isolated passenger cabin, and a small luggage compartment for a comfortable journey… Approach:- As, such auto models aren’t available & if they are, they are too expensive, so we will innovate and convert the existing model into air conditioned one.

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7/11/13 Description the innovation developed 1.We need to insulate the whole passenger cabin initially. A Transparent sheet of Nylon or Fiber will be used to isolate driver seat with Passenger Cabin. 2.The interiors will be kept white or light colored to give elegant & spacious feel to the passenger . 3. The space behind the backseat where we put in the luggage or usually go in vain; will be used to create small compartment which can be opened from backside to put in luggage; thus reducing the volume for Air-conditioning as well. 4.To Compensate the increased operating cost & recover initial cost, we will provide advertisements on exterior body of Auto Rickshaw…

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Compelling need for the innovation 1.The need for the innovation was felt from the personal bitter experiences that I had commuting for college etc. The motto isn’t to blame anyone but I felt that the current public transport needs an improvement and then I started searching for the scope. 2.Once I came across with concept of this service, I thought probably this must be something every would be waiting for. 3.Not believing on my thoughts I talked with general public, few corporate in the industry, students, employees, etc. and everyone seemed convinced. 4.Then I designed an affordable and flexible design, So that the service itself remains affordable. 5.This service will save people from morning woes which they face now, as soon as they step out for work, college. 6.Carrying the smallest of the luggage in the available autos is a big challenge, this service would be an answer.

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Impact Comparing to the available public transport services, especially auto rickshaws, while commuting you will get drenched in sweat, water seeps in, carrying even a small luggage is big head ache and above all the refusal to go places is big menace. All above mentioned issues will be taken take of with this new innovative model running on roads. Once the Idea is executed then the planning is to increase the fleet to very large number so that these rickshaws are available in every part of city & even country, in future. Also the plans are to introduce a –Dial an Auto- service, in which customer can call and ask for an Auto at any place, any time he/she wish to. It will Impact masses as lakhs of people travel by autos in Metro cities and even tier 2 cities.


Implementation Implementing the whole Business Model Is a BIG Challenge. The Steps Involved Will be… 1. Developing a prototype. 2. Getting it approved from RTO. 3. Will make recommended changes. 4. After all government formalities, we will convince the Auto union to help us ply these variants along with the already running autos. 5. We will then talk to rickshaws owners and modify the exiting model into AC one. 6. This will be done at our own cost, which will absorb major chunk of investment. 7. Now definitely drivers will be earning more then they use to, in their traditional run. 8. Also we will be having advertising rights on rickshaws and then that part of earning will also add to profit margins. 9. Its almost like taking auto on lease from owners and giving them the same amount as thay are earning now. Basic Skeleton model

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7/11/13 To Compensate the increased operating cost & recover initial cost, we will provide advertisements on exterior body of Auto Rickshaw…

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7/11/13 A Transparent sheet of Nylon or Fiber will be used to isolate driver seat with Passenger Cabin


7/11/13 The typical engine specifications of an standard auto rickshaw are:- Technical specifications : Engine Type - 2 Stroke Cooling Type - Forced Air Cooled Displacement- 145.45 cc Max Power - 7 bhp ( 5.15 kW) @ 5000 rpm Max Torque - 12.1 Nm @ 3500 rpm Ignition Type - CDI Clutch Type - Wet multidisc type On which a small AC can easily run (less then 0.2 ton)…

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7/11/13 Money matters Considering Investment for 500 autos After in depth study and calculations; With an Initial investment of 1.5cr there could be monthly income of Rs. 3,300,000… Open able Luggage compartment

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The Competitive Advantage - Comfortable, Safe ride at affordable rates.. -No hassle of protecting yourself and luggage from water in rain.. -Privacy maintained.. -No refusal for going to places by Auto drivers, Instead- Dial an Auto- will act as a boon for daily commuters..


7/11/13 -There are almost more then 1.0 lakh+ autos plying on city roads. If we plan to own a bit percentage of it say just 500 autos (i.e. 0.5%) initially then it doesn’t really sounds impossible… -Also there will be major competition from cool cabs but as compared to those cabs these autos will be much more economical and also when talking about approachable areas, autos have a wider approach when compared to cabs… -After launch This service will probably the one, people will feel; This was something we were waiting for… The USP’s :-

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7/11/13 Thank You The currently available Auto Rickshaws in Market Advertisement Here A C Unit

An AIR-CONDITIONED Auto Rickshaw Service:

7/11/13 THANK YOU!!!

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