Are recliner sofas good for your back

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Sitting in a recliner is good for your back as long as the chair provides lumbar support, elevates your feet above heart level, and fits your body properly.


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Are recliner sofas good for your back It depends on a few factors namely firmness relative to your weight and position. If you are heavier it should be firmer if lighter less firm. These factors affect how it will conform to your spinal curves and support them or not. If you raise the legs without reclining the curve flattens in your lower back which isn’t good if you sustain it for long periods. Studies show that the world’s most significant form of disability today is lower back pain and its estimated that over 80 of us will encounter back pain at one point in our lives. Research shows that when sitting up straight and your spine poised at a 90-degree angle is one of the most damaging postures to your back’s health. Placing a small throw pillow behind your waist and a rolled-up towel or neckbone pillow behind your neck will support your curves and help make the sitting less stressful on your body. The important thing is not to spend a lot of time sitting though either reclining or upright Why

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not shut off the TV and power down the laptop or smartphone and go for a walk or do some yoga instead Are recliner sofas good or bad Recliner sofas are absolutely good for resting your back completely while sitting. These sofas have different reclining positions so that you can rest your back much more comfortably. Following are the benefits of having Recliner sofas: ● Works well in small or awkward spaces ● They give every family member or guest their own personal seat. ● Ideal for sitting for entertainment like while watching a big game or a movie in your home TV. ● Have unique additional features like cup holders power recliner or chaise sectional. I have 3 and 2 seater leather recliner sofa set in my living room which I bought online at a very convenient price from ​David Wilsons website ​. Its 3 flexible reclining positions provide extreme support to the back which makes this kind of sofa so unique and comfortable. Now my family feels immense relaxation when they rest on it.

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Can you recommend a couch/recliner for a bad back Yes recliners are a great option for you if you have back pain. There are few points to be considered while buying a recliner exclusively for back support. Let me list them one by one ● Recliner should be firm enough so that your back get good support ● Make sure that the sofa is even throughout ● It should not recline too fast. If thats the case you will have an horrible experience with it ● Back cushion should be firm ● Head rests shouldnt be a problem. It should be designed in such a way that you can keep your head backward. ● Consider buying recliners with good armrests so that it will be easy for you to get up from it.

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