Imperialism Day 3 & 4-Africa

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The Scramble For Africa Review

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Write This In Your Planners ● Review Scramble For Africa ● Classroom Discussion ○ Discussion Handout

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Relations Between Europe Africa Review ● Europeans had been involved in Africa since the 1600’s. In 1400’s Portugal and the Dutch establish trading posts slave trading posts. Mostly stayed around the coast. ● In the second half of the 19th century Europe suddenly and succeeded at colonizing basically all of Africa. ○ In the 1870’s Belgium King Leopold penetrated into the Congo. ○ Because of nationalism everyone wants a piece of Africa which was incredibly rich in materials.

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Why Didn’t They Do This Earlier Review ● African was not easy to concur because unlike most conquered territories Africans were immune to European diseases and even had diseases that Europeans were not immune to. ● T echnological Innovations ○ Steamships better guns medicine Maxim machine gun ● Involved a lot of fighting and dying. It is very important to remember that Africans did not meekly acquiesce to european hegemony they resisted often violently but were ultimately defeated by a technologically advanced enemy. In this case they were a lot like the Chinese and Indians and Vietnamese.

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Berlin Conference Review ● Berlin Conference- Strong nations sat down and carved up Africa 1. Anyone who wanted to claim territory just had to tell another country 2. Became yours when you physically took it 3. Make a “treaty” with African rulers ● Tribalism- Carving had no thought for the people who lived within the borders of the territories Example: Cafeteria- If I went to the cafeteria and divided you up into random sections it would probably not work well.

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Were these events a good or bad thing

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Driving Question: Did Imperialism ultimately leave a more positive or more negative impact on the world as we know it today

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