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Leonard Bernstein:

Leonard Bernstein 1918 1990 Click here to start the show!!! (“About Leonard Bernstein”)

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Grandparents wanted him to be named Lewis. His parents called him Leonard. His friends called him Lenny.

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Born in 1918 in Massachusetts. Music came from a Victrola and radio. At 10 his aunt gave him a piano. The teacher couldn’t keep up with him!

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His parents were from the Ukraine Jewish religion was very important to him and his family.

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His dad didn’t want Leonard to study music. He went to Harvard. He met Aaron Copland who encouraged him to be a conductor. Bernstein was a triple threat – he conducted, played piano, and composed.

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His first job was to be the conductor of the New York Philharmonic. He was 25 when he stepped in to conduct. The audience loved him! In one year, 1944, he had all of his major compositions performed.

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He was in demand all over the world! He was the first American to conduct at the La Scala house in Milan, Italy. He also conducted the Israel Philharmonic. He was to be the most famous American conductor of a major American orchestra, New York Philharmonic. He used television to bring classical music to people all over.

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A whole generation of people learned about classical music from his Young Peoples Concerts. He helped start music festivals all over the world. He composed a movie score “On the Water Front” and also wrote GREAT musical theatre!!!!


quiz What did his grandparents want him to be named? What did his friends call him? Who gave him a piano? How old was he? What did his piano teacher have to do? Where were his parents from? What religion were they? What college did Bernstein go to? What composer did he meet? How old was he when he started conducting? What did he use so people could watch the Young People Concerts? What types of music did he compose?

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