The History of Rock and Roll[1]

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The History of Rock and Roll:

The History of Rock and Roll By Tyler Moss

Where it all started:

Where it all started Rock was first created in the 1950’s from a form of rhythm and blues using the electric guitar. It accented the beat, had simple phrases, and h ad very youth oriented lyrics.

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The term “rock and roll” originated first in 1922 and was used as slang for intercourse. Then from from Alan Freed, who had a radio show in Cleveland called “ Moondog Rock’n Roll Party” took it from the song “My Baby Rocks Me With a Steady Roll, the first usage towards the form of music.

Timeline :

Timeline 1954: Elvis records first album Ray Charles forms his band 1955: Johnny Cash gets first hit


1964 The Beatles arrive!! Bringing a British wave to America and rock and roll explodes. (1965) Bob Dylan- (Folk-Rock) (1966) Jimi Hendrix Black Sabbath (1969)

The 70’s:

The 70’s Led Zeppelin (1969) Pink Floyd Rod Stewart Bruce Springsteen Stevie Wonder Van Halen The Who

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Disco comes to life: Long war in Vietnam is over Clean, positive style of rock and disco are big Ex) Bee gees, Eagles, Billy Joel, Police, Queen

Big 80’s:

Big 80’s Thriller! (Michael Jackson) Stevie Ray Vaughn Bon Jovi Guns & Roses Very dirty, hard, rebellious time due to the economy.

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AC/DC Metallica Dead Kennedys


90’s-Modern Layla - Eric Clapton Grunge rock- Pearl Jam, Nirvana Daughtry , Three Days Grace, Sick Puppies, Linkin Park, System of a down, Disturbed, Shinedown , Blink 182, Flyleaf, Bullet for my Valentine.


Review 1. What form of music did rock originate from? 2. The rock lyrics were geared more towards: A) Adults B) Youth C) Children D) Animals 3. What band brought the British invasion to America? 4. Name a key band mentioned in the 1970’s. 5. Name on from the 80’s 6. What caused rock to turn rebellious?

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7. Name a disco band. 8. Who released Thriller in the 80’s 9. Who started to use the term rock and roll from his radio station in Cleveland? 10. Name 2 main differences between the 1970’s and 1980’s.

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