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The Baroque Period:

The Baroque Period Johann Sebastian Bach

World Events 1600-1750:

World Events 1600-1750 North American exploration Pilgrims arrived at Cape Cod Salem witchcraft trials Paintings of Rembrandt

Characteristics of the Baroque:

Characteristics of the Baroque No longer focused on classical Greek symmetry of the Renaissance More emphasis on elaborate curves Elaborate, ornamentation Sometimes excessive More emotion shown

Johann Sebastian Bach:

Johann Sebastian Bach Known as J.S. Bach Born in 1685 Died in 1750 From a large musical family Had 20 children of his own (2 wives) Organ virtuoso Church musician most of his career Master of a form of music called Fugue

Famous Music:

Famous Music Tocatta and Fugue in d minor The Well Tempered Clavier Brandenberg Concertos St. Mathew Passion Mass in b minor Many keyboard pieces The piano had not yet been invented Keyboards were organs and harpsichords

Harpsichord and Pipe Organ:

Harpsichord and Pipe Organ

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