The Renaissance

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The RENAISSANCE 1450-1600

The Renaissance:

The Renaissance Began in Italy The word Renaissance actually means “rebirth” Catholic church was challenged by Martin Luther Rise in humanism Feeling of optimism

The Renaissance:

The Renaissance World Events Other Arts New interest in learning The printing press invented Christopher Columbus Protestant Reformation Copernicus – Earth’s position Mona Lisa/Leonardo daVinci Sistine Chapel / Michelangelo William Shakespeare Architecture

Renaissance music:

Renaissance music Polyphony – More than one melodic line Monophony – One melodic line – like Gregorian Chant Rise in Instrumental music More secular (non-religious) music

Claudio Monteverdi:

Claudio Monteverdi

Monteverdi :

Monteverdi Born in Cremona, Italy 1567-1643 Father was a surgeon He was the oldest of 5 children Learned about music in the Cathedral Choir Studied at the University of Cremona Married Claudia Cattaneo in 1599, age 32

Monteverdi :

Monteverdi 3 children, one died at birth Claudia died after 7 years of marriage First music written for publication at age 15 Became a priest later in life We will recognize “ Christe , Adoramus Te ”

Christe, Adoramus Te:

Christe , Adoramus Te https://

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