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English 1. Maracaibo, Edo. Zulia - VENEZUELA.


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$2,5 .... $1,5 .... $3 ....... $2 ....... $1,5 .... Breakfast Fruit Salad Croissant Club Sandwich Pancake Scrambled Eggs $3,5 .... $5 ....... $5 ....... $4,5 .... $4 ....... Lunch and Dinner Soup of the Day Lasagna Grilled Salmon Sherry Apricot Chicken Burger $1,5 .... $2 ....... $1,5 .... $3,5 .... $1 ....... Drinks Juices Teas Coffee Wine Bottle of Water $3 …... $4 ....... $3 ....... $3,5 .... $2,5 .... Desserts Ice Cream Cheese Cake Chocolate Cake Three Milk Cake Lemon Pie

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I have breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday. My favorite meal of the day is breakfast. I often I eat tequeños for the breakfast. In a marabino’s breakfast there are tequeños , tequeyoyos , pasteles , empanadas, mandocas and coke. I like venezuelan food. My favorite restaurant is Mi Ternerita ; in their menu my favorite dish are chicken skewers with peanut sauce. I know japanese , italian and mexican food and I like them all. I don’t cook. My favorite dish is pizza; pizza is from Italia and I need dough, cheese, tomatoes and mushrooms to prepare it. Tequeños Mandocas Pizza Chicken skewers

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Do you have breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday? Almost every day, sometimes I do not eat in the whole day. What’s your favorite meal of the day? Lunch for sure. If you have breakfast, what do you have? Eggs, ham, cheese, arepas and orange juice. What’s in a marabino’s breakfast? I don't know; I'm not from there, but I think that it must to be eggs, black beans, bread toast or arepas , ham, cheese and papelon . I'm not sure. Do you like venezuelan food? I love venezuelan food, in all of their expressions. What’s your favorite restaurant or place to eat? I enjoy a lot eating meat, so it could be, Texas de Brazil in Trinidad and Tobago. What’s your favorite dish in their menu? Chicken with parmesan cheese and smashed potatoes. What food from other countries do you know? Roti , from Trinidad and Tobago. It's so tasty. Which ones do you like? Trinidadian food is good. I like it a lot. Which ones you don’t like? Spicy food for sure, like indian food. Do you cook? Not really. Just a little bit. What’s your favorite dish? Pasticho . Where is it from? From Venezuela. What do you need to prepare it? Ham, beef, cheese, pasta, tomatoes, bechamel sauce and salt. Abraham from Trinidad and Tobago

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