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UABScience OlympiadFebruary 19th, 2011 : 

UABScience OlympiadFebruary 19th, 2011 Presented by:

What is Science Olympiad? : 

What is Science Olympiad? A nationally-based competition tests students’ scientific knowledge and ability building and testing events K-12 competitions >200 regional competitions Yearly national competition Information retrieved from :

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Organized the entire event as part of an Honors Academy Leadership course Students in the UAB Science and Technology Honors Program Student Organizers Charlotte Kent (senior), Evan Colmenares (junior), and Meredith Hubbard (senior)

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Mission Possible Goal: Make a “Rube Goldberg” (chain reaction) machine Constraints: Sequence was required to start with a dropped quarter and end with a raised balloon Bonus points for extra components Judge Alan Akira starts the timer John Carroll Catholic School students stand by their creation

Tower Building : 

Tower Building Goal: Create a tower to hold up to 15kg Only toothpicks, balsa wood, and glue allowed Graded on: Weight of the tower Load supported

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Anxiety soars as judges begin scoring the contestant’s instruments. Sounds of Music Goal: Create two instruments One percussion One wind Graded on: Range Tonal accuracy Ability to play two songs: one predetermined, one of the team’s choosing Music based knowledge and the physics of sound

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Wind Power Wind Power Two section event: Written test Build it Written test: Physics-related motion problems Build it: Teams designed/built turbine blades Measure revolutions of turbine at various fan speeds A student eagerly watches as her team’s design spins up to speed

Mousetrap Cars : 

Mousetrap Cars Goal: Create a car powered by a mousetrap Graded on: Distance travelled Speed Ability to move backward and forward A student prepares his team’s car and waits for the signal to start

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Write It, Do It Goal: Recreate a pre-made structure Constraints: One student writes instructions The other student recreates the object Graded on: Components in proper place Missing components Quality and structure of written description

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Tests: Written and graded by students Reviewed by faculty UAB News tweeted: “UAB Sci-tech undergrads are showing why they are the leaders of the future. They are running today's Science Olympiad like faculty and CEOs.” Behind the Scenes Zac Ingram, Michael Longmire, and Kristen Ellis grade the chemistry lab exam in the silent grading room

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Front Row: Event Coordinators Charlotte Kent and Meredith Hubbard, Dr. Diane Tucker, Amanda Turner, Steven Walker, and Kathryn Morse Back Row: Event Coordinator Evan Colmenares, Dr. Cynthia Ryan, Clay Walls, Jake Fletcher, and Dr. Jackie Nikles All Smiles…

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Event coordinators celebrate a successful day The spoils of competition Celebration!

Credits : 

Credits Presentation by: Kyle Beshears, Laura Ann Brown, Bryant Harbin, Alexander Levy, and Shibli Rahman Communicating Science STH 310 Photos by: Alexander Levy

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