Ensuring A Swift Recovery After Botox Dos And Donts

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Every kind of surgery or treatment requires aftercare. The right aftercare tips can help with a faster and swifter recovery. In this blog we will focus on the Botox treatment and the Dos and Don’ts after the treatment. If you don’t follow these rules there could be a reverse effect and the healing process may also take longer. The Do’s Here is all that you have to do after undergoing the Botox treatment. Sit straight - Yes heard it right. For the next four hours after the treatment you should sit straight to avoid movement of Botox into other muscle groups. You just have to avoid lying down and bending forward. Apply ice packs – If you experience mild swelling around the area that has been treated with Botox you could fasten the process by applying ice packs. While the swelling goes away on its own in 30 minutes or so this will reduce the swelling faster.

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Take the prescribed pain killers – If you experience slight pain in and around the area after the Botox injection or a mild headache don’t worry it is a natural process. This pain can be tackled with the help of pain killers. You may generally not need any strong pain killers a simple Paracetamol should do the job. However if pain persists you can ask your surgeon for prescribed medications. The Don’ts Do not rub your skin – The first 24 hours after Botox are very crucial thus you need to take complete care of the treated part. So you must remember never to rub or massage the treated area. Face-wash gently in the night is okay. Do not perform heavy workouts – It is important that you only opt for gentle exercises and not any kind of heavy workout and exercise regime on the same day after the treatment. Do not take heavy pain killers – While we said that you may take Paracetamol if you feel pain we suggest not taking any heavy pain killers. If the pain exceeds your limits of toleration you may ask the doctor to suggest you pain killers. But never take heavy pain killers on your own. Also avoid aspirin and Ibuprofen. Do not drink – You must avoid large amounts of alcohol after the treatment to ensure that there is no negative reaction. In fact you must avoid taking alcohol even one day before preferably. Dr. Marwah’s Clinic is the best Botox fillers specialist in Mumbai where you can go for your treatment. Because it is such a reputed and reliable clinic you can blindly trust the doctors here to give you the finest Botox treatment. You can have both medical and cosmetic Botox here including eyebrow shaping neck rejuvenation treating twitching treating migraine and more. So whatever your requirements you can always rely on Dr. Marwah’s Clinic for the right solution. ALSO READ: Botox And Dermal Fillers – Facts Myths

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