Tattoo Removal Will Picosecond Lasers Replace Nanosecond Lasers

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Tattoos have become an obsession for many especially those who belong to the music and arts field or those who are obsessed with fitness and training. They want to show off their best assets by having a tattoo engraved so that they can grab eyeballs. However there could be certain reasons why one would want to get rid of their tattoo in the future. If you are also looking to have your tattoo removed in a way that there are no signs of tattoo shown while also keeping your skin protected against scars and rashes you would want to look for the who can help remove your tattoo with best skin laser specialist in Mumbai the help of the most advanced lasers that have improved performance and almost zero side-effects on the skin. How Do Lasers Work Their Magic When lasers are applied on the area where the tattoo is present the rays break up the ink into particles that get flown with the blood which slowly and gradually are excreted through the body within a few days. For many years nanosecond lasers were used for this procedure that applied nanosecond pulse durations at high light intensities to the skin which rapidly heated up the skin to break up the ink particles. Later other advancements brought about another laser procedure that used even shorter pulse durations in the sub-

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nanosecond range. These sub-nanosecond pulses allowed even more effective fragmentation of the tattoo particles. Today an even shorter pulse rate is used to most effectively eliminate tattoos especially black and other darker tones. These lasers use picoseconds pulse durations which are not only most effective but are also least painful. Picosecond Lasers Vs. Nanosecond Lasers Study – A study was carried out to test the efficacy of picoseconds lasers versus nanosecond lasers in the case of tattoo removal. 16 patients with black tattoos were enrolled for the test. They were treated with 35 picosecond and 10 nanosecond pulses from two lasers. They received a total of 4 treatments at 4-week intervals. Routine microscopic and electron microscopic analysis was done at the initial treatment sessions as well as after the final treatment. Observation – Dermatologists were called to evaluate photographs and assess tattoo lightening. Also epidermal and dermal changes and the depth of pigment alteration were examined. Furthermore electron micrographs were examined for particle electron density and size changes. In 12 out of 16 tattoos there was significant lightening in the picosecond treated areas as compared to those treated with nanosecond pulses. Also the depth of pigment alteration was greater for picosecond pulses. However the particle size was increased and electron density was decreased in both pulse durations. Conclusion – In conclusion it was determined that picoseconds pulses are more efficient than nanosecond pulses in clearing tattoos. By holding other laser parameters constant pulse duration has proven to be a significant element in tattoo removal. Dr. Marwah’s Clinic is the best skin laser specialist in Mumbai that you can approach to have your tattoo removed. No matter what kind size and age the tattoo is you can have it removed effectively with the most approved and preferred that PicoWay laser machine uses picosecond laser technology to deliver fast and comfortable removal of tattoos. For more information visit:

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