Thermage Skin Tightening Common Myths Busted!

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We all want to look beautiful and never want to age While we can’t stop our bodies from ageing we can definitely control the way our skin looks. Yes with science this is possible Even when you are an older adult you can look quite younger by eliminating all those fine lines and wrinkles from your skin. There are so many beautification techniques that science has brought about for us some surgical while some completely non-invasive. Today in this blog we’ll be speaking about Thermage – the non-surgical skin tightening treatment in Mumbai that uses no needles and no cuts but only radiofrequency energy to heat up the deep dermis of the skin so that the collagen within is tightened thus reducing wrinkles and lifting the skin. However just like everything else as much as this technology is being widely accepted there are also lots of myths travelling along with it. But because we know what the procedure is about and how it brings about a youthful appearance without damaging the skin we can unquestionably debunk all of these myths for you. Let us clear off some of the most common myths revolving around Thermage so that your mind can get rid of all those misconceptions and help you take up the right decision of undergoing the procedure. Myth – It Is Impossible To Tighten The Skin Without Surgery.

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Fact – Thermage can neatly bring back the tightness of your skin making it look younger and fresher without the use of any kinds of needles and cuts. It uses only radiofrequency and controlled amount of heat to alter the collagen within which shows amazing results in only a single session Moreover the results will be only natural-looking. Myth – Thermage Is Painful. Fact – While thinking about radiofrequency penetrating your skin the thought itself may bring about a feeling of pain within your minds but rest assured that Thermage i sn ’ t actually painful While earlier Thermage procedures were stingy and painful the advanced procedures of today aren’t. The Comfort Pulse Technology used at Dr. Marwah’s Clinic to offer the best skin tightening treatment in Mumbai delivers radiofrequency in several short pulses which eliminates any kind of pain and discomfort. Moreover the heat applied is controlled which does not burn your skin. Myth – Thermage Has Severe Side-Effects. Fact – Every clinical procedure has some or the other kind of side-effect because we play with the natural body that God has given us. However the degree of side-effects that come with Thermage can be neglected. This is because the procedure brings only mild consequences like redness and swelling which gets better within only a few minutes or hours. In fact you are allowed to resume your normal cosmetics and skincare regimes immediately after treatment which in itself proves that there is nothing to worry about after undergoing a Thermage. Myth – Thermage Is Not For Everyone. Fact – Men and women of all age groups race and skin type can safely undergo Thermage to tighten their skin. Only one exception here is of pregnant women and patients who have had an implantable heart device. Other than that no matter what your age skin type and race Thermage is completely safe for you Myth – Thermage Is Only For Those With Saggy Skin. Fact – While you may think that you want to undergo skin tightening only after your skin starts showing sagginess this shouldn’t be a compulsion. Thermage can be used as an anti- aging treatment that could be taken up as a preventative measure even before the skin starts losing its elasticity. There could be a lot more going on in your mind thinking about Thermage. While we have cleared the most common myths associated with the procedure you may always have your

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doubts cleared by a reliable professional before you plan to get into experiencing the skin tightening treatment in Mumbai. Just remember don’t get easily swayed by any myths you listen to instead stick to the facts told to you by a professional in the field. For more information visit:

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