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UGC NET Computer Science Coaching In Chandigarh

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UGC-NET Exam Pattern For Computer Science 2017:-   Paper 1:- It contains 60 questions you have to attempt any 50 and weight age of this paper will be 100 marks.In case you attempt more than 50 then first 50 questions will be evaluated . This paper will be of General, Teaching and Research Aptitude . •  Paper 2:- It comprises 50 questions of 100 marks. Each question is compulsory. This paper contains Subject Related Basic Questions . •  Paper 3:- It will have 75 questions of 150 marks. Each question is compulsory. And questions will be of your core subject. You need to have depth knowledge of your subject to solve these questions.

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UGC NET Syllabus For Computer Science 2017 :- There are two papers in UGC NET Computer Science Paper II and Paper III Paper II Discrete structure :- Sets, Rotations function, Pigeonhole principle, Computability, Model of Computation, grammars , Languages, non-computability, Graphs, Group etc . Computer Arithmetic :-  Propositional Logic, Predicate logic, Logic families, Representation of Integers etc. Programming in C and C++ :-  programming in C , Data types in C, O-O programming concept , C++ Programming Element of C++, data Type , operators etc . Relational Database Designs and SQL : –  ER diagrams and their transformation to relational design. SQL:- DDL, DML,DCL, commands Database object like views, Indexes, Sequences etc. Data and file structure :-  Data , Information, Definition of data structure , Arrays, Stacks, linked, graphs, priority etc .

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Computer Networks :-  Network fundamental, LAN, WAN, MAN, data communication, internetworking, Network security . Current trends and Technologies :- It covers Parallel Computing, Mobile computing, E- technologies. Mobile Computing:- Mobile connectivity cells, framework, wireless delivery cellular, Data Communication protocol. Electronic Technologies:- electronic payment system, Electronic data Interchange , Digital libraries Windows programming, Simple application, Advanced windows programming etc.

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Paper III(A) I.Unit Combinational circuit Designs, Sequences Circuit Designs, Hardware and Micro programmed processor Design etc . II.Unit Database concepts , ER diagrams , Data models, Designs of Relational , Database, ORACLE etc . III.Unit Display System, input Devices Graphics, Operations, 3 D graphics,Animation etc . IV.Unit Programming languages Concepts, programs and models , Data ,Data Type, principles , Classes , inheritance , principles functions , context free grammars etc . V.Unit Analog and Digital transmission Topologies, networking devices etc . VI.Unit Definitions, Simple and Composite structure, Arrays , Lists, Stacks etc.

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Paper III (B) i.Elective Theory of Computation, Turing machine, Chomsky Hierarchy of Languages . ii.Elective Models for Information channel, variable Length Codes, error correcting and Detecting Codes , Image Processing etc . iii.Elective Linear Programming problem complexity of simplex and Algorithms Assignments and Transposition Problems etc . iv.Elective Neural Network : Perception modes, Linear separatibility and XOR problems. Fuzzy system: Definition of a fuzzy set , fuzzy reasoning etc. v.  Elective UNIX: operating system, structure of Unix, file System, etc . Windows: window environment OLE Active , X controls, ATL, Database access , network Programming etc.

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SCO-216 (UGC CSIR Coaching) Sector 34/A Chandigarh, 160022  09876335141 | 07814995175

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