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Our group from our Master's class in education had to create a crisis for a perfect teacher. This is the StoryBoard


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Little Johnny Storyboard : 

The Perfect Teacher Project Little Johnny Storyboard

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Ms. Jones began every year with a light and expectant heart. She would wait just inside her door for that most exciting of moments; and, when the bell rang, would open the door for her newest group of kids.

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Her new students would settle themselves into their new class. And, Ms. Jones would begin her year.

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Ms. Jones wasn’t a good teacher. She wasn’t a great teacher. She was the perfect teacher.

Slide 5: 

Ms. Jones learned about her students – what would excite their curiosity, how to best help them learn, how to make them feel safe and secure, and how to make them trust themselves and their learning.

Slide 6: 

Her math lessons brought nature and the universe into the class.

Slide 7: 

Her science lessons challenged all to think and dream.

Slide 8: 

Her reading sessions were dramatic and exciting.

Slide 9: 

Her writing lessons brought inspiration and enchantment to all.

Slide 10: 

Ms. Jones had always succeeded in bringing a light to the hearts and minds of all her students.

Slide 11: 

And then, one morning, Ms. Jones came to class.

Slide 12: 

And she found little Johnny sitting in a chair at the back.

Slide 13: 

Johnny didn’t participate in those glorious math lessons.

Slide 14: 

Little Johnny didn’t share in the joy of science discovery.

Slide 15: 

Little Johnny didn’t rise to the wonder of the spoken word.

Slide 16: 

And writing brought forth no inspiration from his leaden pencil.

Slide 17: 

But, Ms. Jones knew what to do.

Slide 18: 

Ms. Jones learned about Johnny.

Slide 19: 

She brought his parents to the school to discover more.

Slide 20: 

She talked to those that played with Johnny.

Slide 21: 

She sought advice and assistance from her colleagues and friends.

Slide 22: 

She researched and read everything she could find.

Slide 23: 

She discussed Johnny on online forums and with a resident child behaviorist.

Slide 24: 

And, most important of all, she talked with Johnny.

Slide 25: 

And talked with Johnny.

Slide 26: 

And talked with Johnny.

Slide 27: 

And talked with Johnny.

Slide 28: 

Every moment she could, she tried to find that lever – for, as the saying goes, ‘give me a lever big enough, and I’ll move the world’. She just needed to move little Johnny.

Slide 29: 

But she didn’t find that lever.

Slide 30: 

And little Johnny faded.

Slide 31: 

And faded.

Slide 32: 

And faded.

Slide 33: 

Until, one day, Ms. Jones turned and found only an empty chair.

Slide 34: 

She had failed. And she had never known failure before.

Slide 35: 

The year ended and she faced the long summer. She did not know how she could face returning. She had failed her student.

Slide 36: 

She sat by her window and pondered. Every day seemed grey and bleak. If she could fail once, she could fail again and again and again.

Slide 37: 

And then, one day, she made the realization. A perfect teacher is not one that always succeeds. A perfect teacher is not one that makes every second magical. A perfect teacher is one who realizes that they can never be perfect. But, they can always get better. They can always improve. They can, and do, learn from their failures. A perfect teacher rises and tries and rises again.

Slide 38: 

And once again, Ms. Jones found herself waiting just inside the door.

Slide 39: 

Her heart was not quite so light, but, she found that she was just as expectant.

Slide 40: 

Ms. Jones opened the door and welcomed in her newest bright rays of sunshine. The year unfolded ahead of her – and she was glad.

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