Everything You Need To Know About Buying Diamonds!

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The dog may be man’s best friend but diamonds are a girl’s best friend. How many times have we heard that one? More times than we can count! They don’t just say it willy nilly, diamonds really are a girl’s best friend! And there is a reason why. For Shopping Diamond Jewelries, Visit https://www.dazzlingrock.com


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Everything You Need To Know About Buying Diamonds The dog may be man’s best friend but diamonds are a girl’s best friend. How many times have we heard that one More times than we can count They don’t just say it willy nilly diamonds really are a girl’s best friend And there is a reason why. Yes we all know that diamonds are incredibly stunning to look at and make the wearer feel incredibly glamorous. But did you know that they play a huge part in raising self esteem and confidence Bet you didn’t know that If you really think about it it seems obvious that diamonds would have that kind of effect on a person. They are tremendously valuable and therefore make the owner feel like they are worth a million bucks thus having a direct impact on a person’s self worth. Anyway now that we have established what diamonds can do to a woman’s self esteem let us take a quick peek at the types of diamonds out there and various ways in which they can be worn without pinching your budget. Knowing Your Carats

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The carat as you probably already know is a unit used to measure the weight of a diamond. 1 carat is equal to 1/5th of a gram. And obviously the value of the rock increases the more carats it has. But the scarcity of huge diamonds plays a huge part in their pricing. So a 2 carat diamond will probably more than double the cost of a 1 carat rock. It is important to note however that carats don’t always correspond to the actual size of the stone. The way it is cut will eventually determine the size. Which means a 2 carat ring could look much smaller than 1 ct diamond rings depending on how it is cut. How to Buy Smart So here comes the fun part I hope your math is better than mine. We now know that the cost of the diamond will depend on the weight i.e. how many carats it is. However here is the tricky bit. Each carat is made up of 100 points. So you will often see measures like 0.50ct or 0.80ct or 2.50ct and so on. The closer you get to a whole carat the more expensive the diamond will become. Visibly there isn’t a huge difference in the size of a 1.90ct diamond and a 2.0ct diamond. However it would shock you to discover that as you close in on the whole 2 carats the price of the diamond could potentially double So why spend nearly double the amount of money on a rock that wouldn’t look much different Just saying. Where to Buy Authentic Diamonds Well the answer is obvious—the jewelry store But wait there’s more. The world of diamonds is cut throat and you really need to have your head in the game if you want to get a fair price for a good rock because let’s face it people sell fakes all the time. So tip number one would be to stay away from unknown or shady looking jewelers. Tip number two is to do your due diligence and look up the company you are buying from. Ask around and find out who the supplier is. Be thorough in your research. All diamonds come with certificates that guarantee their authenticity.

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Insist on one when you make a purchase. It is best to choose a store or brand that is well known in your city/country/continent. Tip number three—buy online Oh yes. You can buy them online and they are 100 authentic. Again please make sure you thoroughly vet the website and the seller before you buy. But we can recommend with some authority that Dazzling Rock has some pretty incredible and pretty real rocks for sale. They are an online jewelry store and they are experts at making customized jewelry. Their diamond collection includes everything from earrings to rings. So it is definitely worth taking a peek at their online glitter gallery We hope this has been a helpful post and we wish you the very best of luck in your next diamond buying endeavor For Shopping Diamond Jewelries Visit https://www.dazzlingrock.com

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