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Dawn Bennett is a devoted investment professional with an excellent education resume. After graduating from Middlebury College and finishing its first-rate language program that taught her a lot about the Chinese culture and language, she earned her bachelor degree at University of Utah, one of the oldest and most prominent higher education institutions in America.


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Qualities a Financial Advisor Should Have:

Qualities a Financial Advisor Should Have Dawn Bennett


Dawn Bennett is a successful financial advisor who is also the CEO of her own venture, Bennett Group Financial Services . When a client asks for their help, they put his or her financial fate into the hands of a capable professional, who helps him or her with the intricacies of wealth management, within the confines of a highly personalized plan. To be able to do that, Bennett Group Financial Services looks for certain qualities in their potential employees. Many of these qualities matched those of a 2014 study that determined what people want from their financial advisor.


Expertise Unsurprisingly, the study found that people who require wealth management services look for professionals who possess strong leadership qualities. Expertise was also one of the more obvious answers. Leaders show the way, and for that, they have to know the best route to long-term financial success. That is where expertise comes into play – without expertise to guide them, leaders cannot know the right direction .

Guiding Skills:

Guiding Skills The best financial advisors can guide their clients. Guiding means using their experience and knowledge to help their clients make better decisions. Ultimately, financial advisors guide their clients toward clear financial goals .

Emphatic Understanding:

Emphatic Understanding When it comes to financial matters, people want someone who not only understands their situation, but who deeply cares about them. Someone who wants to help not just because it is advantageous for them, but because they genuinely want to .

An Aura of Vulnerability:

An Aura of Vulnerability This is clearly the most surprising answer from the study, but vulnerability was nonetheless the fourth core quality on the wish list. People feel comfortable when they find out that others have insecurities as well, and an aura of vulnerability can be that common link.


Dawn Bennett is a demanding, but ultimately fair CEO, who understands what her company needs when it comes to hiring policies.

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