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SI Units : 

SI Units Notes= Green

The basics : 

The basics What is SI? SI stands for “Le Système international d'unités” or The International System of Units. SI units are used throughout the world except in the United States and some of the United Kingdom.

What are the SI units? : 

What are the SI units? There are 4 major types of measurements: Length Mass Volume Temperature

What are the units?! : 

What are the units?! Length: Length is measured in METERS Mass: Mass is measured in GRAMS Volume: Volume is measured in LITERS Temperature: Temperature is measured in KELVIN (Celsius is sometimes used instead)

SI vs English : 

SI vs English The “English” system is what we are probably more familiar with. English units for the same measures are: Length: inches/feet/yards/miles Mass: ounces/pounds/tons Volume: fluid ounce/cups/quarts/gallons Temperature: Fahrenheit/Celsius

Why use SI? : 

Why use SI? There is one key advantage of SI over English. Metric (SI) units work in 10s, therefore it is very easy to convert from big units to small units and vice versa. English units are not easy to convert. Can you easily convert one mile to inches?

Moving between units : 

Moving between units To change from one unit size or type to another is called a “conversion”. To help us learn conversions you will want to familiarize yourself with this saying: “King Henry Died _ drinking chocolate milk”

Say What? : 

Say What? King: Kilo (meaning 1000) Henry: Hecto (meaning 100) Died: Deca (meaning 10) _ : the base unit (1) drinking: deci (meaning 1/10) chocolate: centi (meaning 1/100) milk: milli (meaning 1/1000)

And their symbols/abbreviations… : 

And their symbols/abbreviations…

Life examples : 

Life examples Create this chart in your notebook to take up a ½ page.

Fill it out! : 

Fill it out! Take the next 10 minutes to think of items you could measure using each box! Helpful starters: 1 gram= 1 paperclip 1 liter= 1 bottle of water 1 meter= 1 meter stick

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