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Table Tennis :

Table Tennis


Equipment Racket or paddle can be of any size, shape and weight Ball Table Comfortable clothing


Court Table Net Floor

Referee :

Referee Umpire: responsible for controlling the match, announces points and calls out of bounds balls Assistant umpire: post the scoring, signal out of bound balls


Score Matches are played in 2 out of 3 or 3 out of 5 11 point sets A lead of at least 2 points needed to win the set


Grips Orthodox (Shakehand) Penholder


Stokes Forehand: drive, block, push. Backhand: drive, block, push. Both can be done with topspin, sidespin, backspin.


Players Singles Doubles Mixed doubles

How to play?:

How to play? Toss the ball at least 6 in to the air to begin the serve Ball must be struck while is dropping The server in singles can serve the ball anywhere in the court Only in doubles the serve is diagonally from the right side of the court to the opponents right court


Cont… A lost of point will happen when any part of your body touches the table A rally continues until the ball is out send out of the boundaries The player who served at the beginning of a game is the receiver at the beginning of the next game

Players of Table Tennis:

Players of Table Tennis

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