illuminate your Indoors by 4ft LED Tube


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4ft LED Tube gives a high CRI of & 80 and can deliver lumens up to 2400Lm i.e., 150 lumens per watt. It can replace fluorescent tubes. For More Info:-


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4FT LED TUBES Reduce Air Pollution by Choosing 4ft LED Tubes instead of MH/Fluorescent Lights


4FT LED TUBES Taking the responsibility of reducing the air pollution is not a single person task only rather, all the individuals should work together towards keeping the city polluted free. To begin, first of all we need to invest in better and brighter lights, such as led lights to lighten the indoor places as these lights are green lighting products and are the best way to minimize the pollution greatly. You can install 4ft LED tubes among many other LED lighting products to reduce pollution from the environment.


BENEFITS These 4ft LED tubes start instantly without wasting any time to reach to the full potential. You can expect these lights to lighten the indoors of your commercial and residential places for at least 6 years. If you install 18w 4ft LED tubes you will enjoy 1800 lumens. Replacing them with 50w of traditional lights to have you more savings. They are free from mercury or halogen that is the biggest reason of increasing pollution. These 4FT LED tube lights come with higher CRI of more than 80, when being measured on a scale of 1-100. There is at least maintenance cost attached to these lights which will give you more relaxed life as you can save much by not paying any kind of maintenance charges. These lights come with color temperature of 6500K


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