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CAS-003 Dumps Pass your CompTIA CAS-003 Exam in omly one attempt CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP )


Description CompTIA is proud to offer you high quality study materials that are based more than 20 years of experience in helping learners successfully prepare for certification exams. The CASP+ Certification Study Guide was designed to help you acquire the knowledge and skills covered in the latest CAS-003 exam objectives and is packed with informative and accessible content . CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP) Prerequisites CompTIA CASP+ is aimed at IT Professionals with a minimum of ten years of experience in IT administration, including at least five years of hands-on technical security experience. CAS-003 Dumps


Support IT governance in the enterprise with an emphasis on managing risk Leverage collaboration tools and technology to support enterprise security Use research and analysis to secure the enterprise Integrate advanced authentication and authorization techniques Implement cryptographic techniques Implement security controls for hosts Implement security controls for mobile devices Implement network security Implement security in the systems and software development lifecycle Integrate hosts, storage, networks, applications, virtual environments, and cloud technologies in a secure enterprise architecture Conduct security assessments Respond to and recover from security incidents After this Exam The Candidate Should be know that CAS-003 Dumps PDF


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EXAM CODE : CAS-003 UPDATION DATE : 2019-06-08 TOTAL QUESTIONS : 364 UPDATES : UPTO 3 MONTHS GUARANTEE : 100% PASSING GUARANTEE EXAM PRICE : $35 CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP) CompTIA CAS-003 Dumps CompTIA CAS-003 Dumps PDF


Implement a container that wraps PII data and stores keying material directly in the container’s encrypted application space . B. Use encryption keys for sensitive data stored in an eF use-backed memory space that is blown during remote wipe. C. Issue devices that employ a stronger algorithm for the authentication of sensitive data stored on them . D. Procure devices that remove the bootloader binaries upon receipt of an MDM-issued remote wipe command . Answer : A An organization, which handles large volumes of PII, allows mobile devices that can process, store, and transmit PII and other sensitive data to be issued to employees. Security assessors can demonstrate recovery and decryption of remnant sensitive data from device storage after MDM issues a successful wipe command. Assuming availability of the controls, which of the following would BEST protect against the loss of sensitive data in the future? Question no 1 Demo Questions CAS-003 Exam Study Material


Question no 2 Demo Questions A security engineer is deploying an IdP to broker authentication between applications. These applications all utilize SAML 2.0 for authentication. Users log into the IdP with their credentials and are given a list of applications they may access. One of the application’s authentications is not functional when a user initiates an authentication attempt from the IdP . The engineer modifies the configuration so users browse to the application first, which corrects the issue. Which of the following BEST describes the root cause? A. The application only supports SP-initiated authentication. B. The IdP only supports SAML 1.0 C. There is an SSL certificate mismatch between the IdP and the SaaS application. D. The user is not provisioned correctly on the IdP . Answer: A CAS-003 Dumps


Question no 3 Demo Questions A security manager recently categorized an information system. During the categorization effort, the manager determined the loss of integrity of a specific information type would impact business significantly. Based on this, the security manager recommends the implementation of several solutions. Which of the following, when combined, would BEST mitigate this risk? (Select TWO.) A. Access control B. Whitelisting C. Signing D. Validation E. Boot attestation Answer: A,D CAS-003 Dumps PDF


Question no 4 Demo Questions A security analyst is reviewing the following company requirements prior to selecting the appropriate technical control configuration and parameter: RTO:2 days RPO:36 hours MTTR:24 hours MTBF:60 days Which of the following solutions will address the RPO requirements? A. Remote Syslog facility collecting real-time events B. Server farm behind a load balancer delivering five-nines uptime C. Backup solution that implements daily snapshots D. Cloud environment distributed across geographic regions Answer: C


Question no 5 Demo Questions on existing web application servers. Some of the new APIs will be available to unauthenticated users, but some will only be available to authenticated users. Which of the following tools or activities would the penetration tester MOST likely use or do during the engagement? (Select TWO.) A. Static code analyzer B. Intercepting proxy C. Port scanner D. Reverse engineering E. Reconnaissance gathering F. User acceptance testing Answer: B,E CAS-003 Question & Answers


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CAS-003 Exam Dumps Pass your CompTIA CAS-003 Exam in omly one attempt CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP ) CAS-003 Dumps | CAS-003 Question & Answers

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