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IBM C2040-956 Dumps IBM Lotus Notes Domino 8.5 System Administration Update


IBM Lotus Notes Domino 8.5 System Administration Update Number of questions: 50 Number of questions to pass: 40 Time allowed: 75 minutes Status: Live Exam 956: IBM Lotus Notes Domino 8.5 System Administration Update Exam Competencies Exam Type: Multiple Choice Description: Covers Lotus Notes Domino 8.5 material as it relates to these competency areas: Install and Configure Manage and Maintain Security


Manage and Maintain Implementing Console Log Mirroring Implementing Image Compression Implementing Lotus Traveler Policies Understanding iNotes Redirector Changes Understanding Router Optimizations Utilizing Administration Process statistics Utilizing Domino Attachment and Object Service (DAOS) Utilizing Domino Configuration Tuner Utilizing Domino server commands Utilizing Dynamic Policies Utilizing the Widget Catalog


Security Deploying Lotus Traveler Security Features Deploying the ID Vault Deploying xPages Security Implementing Shared Login Implementing the ID Vault Managing Shared Login Managing the ID Vault


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Question No 1 To help thwart unauthorized access to ID files in the ID vault, you can choose to require which of the following? A. That someone with password reset authority approves all ID downloads B. That only group names are placed in the vault securitydocument in the Domino server C. That the person fills out a download request in the vault to be approved by a vault manager D. That the ID vault be encrypted with a secret encryption key shared with only the proper administrators Answer: A


Question No 2 Mike has implemented Lotus Traveler for his mobile users. The users have requested the ability to read and send encrypted mail. Which of the following are required for this request to beavailable ? A. Users must mail themselves a copy of their Notes ID files B. Users mustupload their Notes ID files to their mail database C. Users must upload their Notes ID files to their personal address book D. Users must attach their Notes ID files to a draft email message in their mail database Answer: B


Question No 3 Vanessa wishes to control ID file downloads fromthe ID vault by requiring authorization. Which of the following would allow this action? A. Set the download limit to 0, and raise it when necessary for users B. Configure a DDM event that notifies administrators of ID file download attempts C. Specifyan administrator group in the ID vault profile to be notified of a download attempt D. Configure the Administration Process to request specified administrator approval before allowing downloads Answer: A


Question No 4 The following command was issued by a Domino administrator on the Lotus Traveler server: tell traveler log remove user. Which of the following occurs afterthis command is issued? A. It removes the user policy from the assigned device B. It removes all users from the list of users that are logging C. It logs the removal of all users from the Lotus Traveler server D. It removes the individual log of eachuser's synchronization history Answer: B


Question No 5 If an attempt is made by a LotusNotes client to check for ID changes in an ID vault or if synchronization fails with the vault, which of the following occurs? A. The client will retry an attempt in the next regular cycle B. The client will not retry an attempt until restarted C. Theclient will attempt up to three retry attempts made at five-minute intervals D. The client will not retry an attempt until the user reauthenticates with the server, including locking his or her ID Answer: C


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