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HPE6-A45 Dumps Implementing Aruba Campus Switching Solutions Exam HPE6-A45 Dumps PDF


Implementing Aruba Campus Switching Solutions Exam HPE6-A45 Dumps PDF Exam Code: HPE6-A45 Exam type: Proctored Exam duration: 1 hour 30 minutes Exam length: 60 questions Passing score: 67% Delivery languages: English, Japanese HPE6-A45 Exam Info


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Question 1:

Question 1 HPE6-A45 Question Answers An administrator wants to ensure that an AOS-Switch forwards all traffic that it receives on interface 1 with high priority. - Switches should also communicate the high priority to other switches across the traffic path. - The switch has type of service disabled. - The administrator plans to apply 802.1p priority 5 to interface 1. What should the administrator check to ensure that the configuration will work properly? A . Interface 1 receives traffic with a tag. B. The AOS-Switch is configured to use eight queues. C. The forwarding path for the traffic uses VLAN tags. D. An 802.1p-to-DSCP map exists for priority 5. Answer : A

Question 2:

Question 2 HPE6-A45 Question Answers An AOS-Switch implements tunneled node. Which benefit does the PAPI enhanced security key provide? A . It validates the signature for firmware pushed to the switch dynamically. B. It encrypts traffic sent and received by tunneled-node endpoints. C. It authenticates control traffic between the switch and its Mobility Controller. D. It provides an extra layer of authentication for endpoints on tunneled-node ports . Answer : C

Question 3:

Question 3 HPE6-A45 Question Answers OSPF Area 1 has two ABRs. One ABR is configured with this range for Area 1: The other ABR is not configured with a range for Area 1. Which type of issue occurs due to this mismatch? A. The ABRs create a discontinuous area and disrupt intra-area routing between devices within Area 1. B. The ABR core would send Area 1 traffic destined to the other switch through an access switch. C. The ABRs lose adjacency entirely and cannot route traffic between each other at all. D. The ABRs lose adjacency in Area 1 and must route all traffic to each other through Area 0. Answer : A

Question 4:

Question 4 HPE6-A45 Question Answers Refer to the exhibit. A network administrator configures connection rate filtering on interface 1 with the throttle action. Device 1 crosses the threshold and triggers the action. What does the switch do ? A. It temporarily drops all IP traffic from Device 1 only. B. It temporarily drops all IP traffic on interface 1. C. It drops all IP traffic from Device 1 until the host is manually unblocked. D. It drops all IP traffic on interface 1 until the interface is manually unblocked. Answer: A


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