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SK0-004 Exam Dumps CompTIA Server+ SK0-004 Exam Dumps | SK0-004 Question Answers


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QUESTION 1, Which of the following involves finding and correcting the MOST important reason for performance issues? A. Root cause analysis B. Replicating the problem C. Defining preventative action D. Theory of probable cause Answer: A


QUESTION 2, A server administrator wants to upgrade the memory of the server using two memory modules. The server has two banks of memorywith the followingslotsavailable: A2, A3, A4, B2, B3, and B4. In whichof the following two slots should the administrator install the additional RAM? A. Slots A2 and A3 B. Slots A2 and B2 C. Slots A2 and B4 D. Slots B2 and B3 Answer: B


QUESTION 3, A server's runtime during power outages is too short to shut down properly. A system technician is asked to remediate the problem. Which of the following would be the result of adding additional batteries to the UPS? A. Increased load balancing B. Extended uptime C. Greater efficiency D. Increased power output Answer: B


QUESTION 4, Multiple users report that an application attempting to open a file retrieved from a server reports that the file is corrupted. Which of the following applications can be used on the server to verify file integrity? A. Checksum B. Port scanner C . Cipher D. Anti-malware Answer: A


QUESTION 5, A technician has finished installing the operating system on a new server and needs to provide IP addressing information. The server will be connected to the DMZ network. Devices on thenetwork use a default gateway address of Which of the following is a valid IP address for a server in the DMZ network? A. IP:, NETMASK B. IP:, NETMASK C. IP:, NETMASK D. IP:, NETMASK Answer: B


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