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QUESTION 1 Which connection method do OSPF routers use to communicate with each other A. IP protocol number 89 B. TCP port 179 C. UDP port 179 D. IP protocol number 6 Correct Answer: A

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QUESTION 2 Which statement is true about default BGP route redistribution behavior A. IBGP-learned routes are advertised only to other IBGP peers. B. EBGP-learned routes are redistributed into any IGPs. C. EBGP-learned routes are advertised only to other EBGP peers. D. EBGP-learned routes are advertised to other IBGP and EBGP peers. Correct Answer: D

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QUESTION 3 Which statement is true about LLDP A. It allows you to split a broadcast domain into multiple isolated broadcast subdomains. B. It dynamically manages VLAN registration in a LAN. C. It maintains a separate spanning-tree instance for each VLAN. D. It is a Layer 2 protocol that facilitates network and neighbor discovery. Correct Answer: D

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QUESTION 4 Which multicast group is used for all PIM routers A. B. C. D. Real 48 Juniper JN0-643 Exam Correct Answer: B

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QUESTION 5 When enabling MVRP for dynamic VLAN registration which three timers would be configured on an interface Choose three. A. hello-interval B. join-timer C. leave-timer D. max-age E. leaveall-timer Correct Answer: BCE

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QUESTION 6 You are asked to implement a filter-based VLAN assignment. You have created the firewall filter and must apply this filter to the incoming interface. Where must this filter be applied A. to the access interface configuration B. to the interface under the primary VLAN assignment C. to the interface under the secondary VLAN assignment D. to the trunk interface configuration Correct Answer: A

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QUESTION 7 You are asked to implement MSTP on all devices in your Layer 2 network. Which three parameters must match on all devices within the same region Choose three. A. region name B. hello timer C. maximum age D. revision level E. VLAN mapping table Correct Answer: ADE

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QUESTION 8 You are asked to implement VSTP on all devices in your Layer 2 network. Which three statements are correct Choose three. A. VSTP supports up to 256 different spanning-tree topologies. B. A BPDU is sent for each spanning-tree instance. C. Each VLAN will be assigned to a unique spanning-tree instance. D. MSTP can be used in addition to VSTP to account for VLANs outside of the supported range. E. VSTP can be used to load-balance Layer 2 traffic using VLANs. Correct Answer: BCE

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QUESTION 9 In your 802.1X-enabled network a RADIUS server fails to respond or authenticate a device. On an EX Series switch what are three supported actions Choose three. A. Traffic can be allowed. B. Traffic can be denied. C. Traffic can be redirected to another subnet. D. Traffic can be redirected to another VLAN. E. Traffic can be redirected to another port. Correct Answer: ABD

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QUESTION 10 Voice traffic is coming in on UDP port 17689. This traffic must be classified into the expedited- forwarding forwarding class. Which type of classifier is needed A. code point alias B. rewrite marker C. multifield D. behavior aggregate Correct Answer: C

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