5 Facebook Promotion Strategies That Work Exceptionally


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Let See top 5 innovative Facebook Promotion Strategies That Work Exceptionally Well For Small Businesses, that will help bring your business brand page on Facebook to the maximum number of users. For more details, Visit: www.wesrch.com


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The 5 Facebook Promotion Strategies That Work Exceptionally Well For Small Businesses


1. Your Cover Photo is Your Free Ad Banner One of the features of the new Facebook news feeds is displaying the cover photos of the people your friends add to their network, as shown below:


Their friends liked it. A discount or a free offer is displayed on your page’s cover photo. Your business is local and they recognize it. It shows a popular celebrity face endorsing your brand. With a cover photo that compels people to like your page you may gain new fans if:


2. Post Highly Likable and Sharable Content Acquiring Facebook likes on your posts is good but shares are better. Sharing content along with a personal opinion will grab the eye of your fan’s friends.


There are numerous ways to get your posts shared. Witty or funny images and quotes, inspirational images and quotes, images or text posts Another way to get more likes and shares on your status updates (text or image) is to directly but subtly ask your fans to like or share the post. Post Highly Likable and Sharable Content:


3. Encourage Your Customers to Speak Out The sign of a great brand is great customer service, and guess what; Facebook can be used as a free customer service platform.


Ask your fans to comment on a product, or post pictures taken at your physical location while using your product. Support a cause and ask for likes and shares in return. Post holiday pictures of your staff, share other photos or videos that are related to your brand and are funny or informative. There are other ways to create fan engagement as well. You could:


4. Promote your Facebook Page You must promote your Facebook page in order to gain maximum exposure for your brand.


You can add Facebook plugins on your website to entice your website visitors to share content directly off the website onto their Facebook timelines. If you have a large budget, promote your Facebook page on radio, podcast, TV or paid ads on the internet. Facebook ads that promote your Facebook page are of the following types: (i) Sponsored stories that show how many friends like your page. (ii) Sponsored stories about a popular post on your Facebook page. Promote it on Facebook as well. Here are some other ways to promote your page


5. Activate Facebook Check-in (For Local Businesses) If your business is local, it is great to encourage your visitors to check-in with Facebook so that their timeline displays their visit to your physical business and also shows a link to your Facebook business page.


Encourage your visitors to check-in on Facebook to win a discount on their next visit. While there are many other ways to grow your brand on Facebook, these are some of the basic ones that apply to all business niches. Activate Facebook Check-in (for local businesses):



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