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RipenApps Technologies Page 1 Android 10: Say Hello to This New Feature- loaded Treat of Google It was a long time that everyone was waiting for experiencing Android 10 and after months of waiting-it was first unveiled at Google’s Android Developer Conference last November-and no less than six back-to-back bets versions released to developers since last March Android 10 has finally arrived. This version is coming up after a long wait along with breaking change that the company adopted for the first time in the company’s history that is not based on a dessert name. This sounds the company has rebrand plans for Google’s Android. Although we all hearing the dates of a launch from the last few days now it finally announced at Android Developers with a statement “Welcoming Android 10“. However not all the Smartphones will be receiving Android 10 as of now but only the owner of Google’s Pixel Smartphones few more will be able to update their phone with Android 10 including.

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RipenApps Technologies Page 2 Google Pixel Google Pixel XL Google Pixel 2 Google Pixel 2 XL Google Pixel 3 Google Pixel 3 XL Google Pixel 3a Google Pixel 3a XL Xiamoi’s Redmi K20 Pro The new version has come up with lots of security and privacy features along with many attractive features too. If you are an Android user and need to comprehend what Google has come up for you with Android 10 here are 10 things that will enable you to unravel Google’s latest mobile operating system. L e t ’s Conclude What the Features Coming with this New Treat of Google- Android 10 1. Dark Mode Android 10 finally carries a dark mode to Android’s ecosystem. As indicated by Google it uses genuine Black to expand battery life. What’s fascinating about the dark mode is that reality that users can either actualize it on a system-wide premise on in select apps that they like. 2. Theme Options Android has consistently been easy to utilize giving its users full freedom to customize their phones as and when required. The new OS gives you all the more free hands to take a gander at your device and play along. There is another theming segment which provides you with a chance to change your phone’s accent color. The default choice is iconic Pixel blue notwithstanding you can transform it to dark green purple cinnamon sea space and orchid. Change the change according to your state of mind. The Beta 2 has an app called “Pixel Themes” which is said to be propelled alongside Pixel 4.

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RipenApps Technologies Page 3 3. Live Caption Closed Captions are essential for individuals because that numerous frequently think that its hard to understand what is being said in a podcast games video and more. To ensure the lucidity is more and comprehended by everybody Android 10 accompanies “Live Caption” feature. This gives real-time caption of what is being said. Its USP is that it can happen locally on-device without an internet connection. Presently how cool is that 4. Superior Share Menu Android’s offer menu has been an issue for some time now. However Google finally tends to it and has concocted “Sharing Shortcuts”. This gives you a chance to make another choice in the share menu allowing you to share quicker. 5. Security Going on Apple’s iOS 13 and iOS 12 way Android 10 users would now be able to share to use location data when using the app. Besides Google will continue reminding you when an app is getting to your area in the background. With regards to the advertisement Google presently allows you to control and app and ad settings and activity. To make things simpler the android developers will give the user small updates and fixes as opposed to going entire OS updates. 6. Changes for Permission Privacy is a more significant worry than ever before and with Android 10 Google is actualizing some new includes for app permission to help give you a superior understanding and more command over what precisely apps on your phone access.

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RipenApps Technologies Page 4 Apps that request your location presently reveal another pop up inquiring as to whether you need to grant location access all time only when the app is being used or not at all. The “Permission usage” page in Settings has been redesigned to indicate which permission is being used by what number of your apps there’s the option to filter by permission to see which apps are using certain ones and another UI for the “App Info” page. 7. Better Support for Foldable Phones 2019 will be the year that foldable phones at long last hit the market and to guarantee the experience of these new devices is in the same class as can be Google’s upgraded Android 10 with foldable-specific features and skills. 8. Smart Reply This feature other than proposing replies for messages got in different apps likewise prescribes users’ actions dependent on the words that they have gotten. So when a friend sends a user a message with a location or a YouTube video they can open and explore the equivalent in Google Maps or open up the video on YouTube without replicating the URL. Read Also: iOS 13 VS Android Q: Which OS Will Steal The Market 9. Gesture Navigation This feature expands the ease in utilizing the Android OS. Users can go backwards and forwards switch between apps return home using basic and smooth gestures. 10. Parental Control Google is beefing up parental controls on Android using its Family Link feature which will now be built into the Digital Wellbeing settings app on Android 10. Parents can set up a new phone or device for their child link it to their account and take control over screen time limits app installs track their child’s usage and set things like bedtime when the phone shuts off.

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RipenApps Technologies Page 5 Besides this Android 10 features 65 new emojis including 56 gender-inclusive emojis. It also comes with support for direct audio streaming to hearing aid devices. This new OS is like a door to all opportunities for the new app ideas that are running in various minds now. To get a complete app development consultancy as well as services RipenApps is welcoming you at

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