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Facebook comments are very helpful getting more views to your video post. Lot of facebook users uses this technique in various forms. You can also buy Facebook custom comments and increase the post views fast.


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Top ways to get more Facebook post like and comments :

Top ways to get more Facebook post like and comments

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Don’t bury your feelings: Posts with emoticons obtain more comments and likes! So smile, frown and wink whenever you want.

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Share the story: As everyone love story, so share your success stories to your clients. Such kinks of posts are great for encouraging dealings.

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Always Asking questions: Asking question is the best way to connect with your FB friends. Never hesitate to ask them outright to share, like and comment on your post. 

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Timing is very important: The best time to post is afternoons and evenings. As lot of people are more likely to start engaging with Facebook after 5 pm.

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Catch viewers eye: Naturally our eyes are drawn to graphics, photos, and videos. According to Facebook, post having picture or video or photo generate more engagement.

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