Facts That You Should Know About Automated Medication Dispenser

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6 Important Facts That You Should Know About Automated Medication Dispenser :

6 Important Facts That You Should Know About Automated Medication Dispenser


Fact 1: The first automatic dispensers or ‘robots’ were developed in Germany in the mid-90s and were displayed for the first time by Rowa and Willach at the Expopharm in Munich – the biggest pharmacy show in Europe.


Fact 2: It was a machine which stored each medication in a designated spot or compartment.


Where this place was inside the machine was determined by the machine’s brain, based on algorithm designed to use the storage space in an optimal way but seemingly ‘chaotic’ to the layman. This is the reason why the term ‘random’ or ‘chaotic’ robot stuck with this type of machine.


Fact 3: The German, Austrian and Swiss markets differed from other European markets such as France, Netherlands, UK, Spain or Scandinavia. The product portfolio was much narrower (<2500 types of medication), with a high stock turn per medication and a typical 80/20 ratio in revenue generation.


This led to a different type of machine called the ‘channel robot’, which stores up to 10 packages of the same medication in one channel. 


Fact 4: Both concepts – chaotic and channel technology – were developed simultaneously due to the different requirements of the respective markets. The concept of automated dispensing took off slowly in Europe and didn’t really gain momentum until approximately five years after its induction.


This changed after the pioneer installations proved to be successful and the reliability and speed of the machines increased dramatically.


Fact 5 : In the US the technology applied to achieve the same goals as in Europe is very different again. This is largely due to the fact that most medication is dispensed in customised packaging and not manufacturer’s packs; therefore, machines which pick individual pills and dispense them into sachets, blisters or vials have been developed.


Fact 6 : The history of automatic dispensers suggests that there is no such thing as the ‘best’ machine.


In reality, today the machines of most manufacturers will reliably pick and transport the medication to where it’s needed, as technology has advanced and matured. Some vendors offer dispensers which not only pick but also store, label and even sell the medications automatically or semi-automatically.


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