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5-S in Manufacturing Sector : 

5-S in Manufacturing Sector

Group- 1 : 

Group- 1 Abhishek Arun - 1 Abhishek kumar singh - 2 Anita Dudi - 3 Ankit Jain - 4 Anoop Srivastava - 5 Anoop Sharma - 6 Anupam Mukherjee - 7 Apoorva Mudgal - 8 Ashutosh chandra - 9 Avnish Sharma - 10

Content :- : 

Content :- What is 5-S ( History) Why 5-S ( Advantages) Tips of implementing Examples Companies follow 5-S

What is 5-S :- : 

What is 5-S :- History :- Developed by Japanese. It is a framework at kaizen for well organized shop floor

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SEIRI :- ( Sorting , Clearing) : 

SEIRI :- ( Sorting , Clearing) Removal of items that are not needed Identify needed & unneeded inventory Items which are not needed currently in use should be stored in appropriate location

Slide 9: 

SEIRI- all not needed things should be kept in one place

Slide 10: 

All unneeded tools, parts should be removed from the area

Slide 12: 

Before - - After

Slide 13: 

Before - - After

Slide 14: 

- Before After -

SEITON:-( Arrange, Orderliness) : 

SEITON:-( Arrange, Orderliness) Well defined place for tools & equipment. Items should be arrange in a way that can be easily return to their place. All cabinets & containers should be labeled. Area should be organized that production maximized. Know what, where and how to set items in proper order.

Slide 21: 

Before - - After

Slide 23: 

Before - - After

Slide 24: 

Before - - After

SEISO :- ( Cleanliness, Shining) : 

SEISO :- ( Cleanliness, Shining) Tools and machineries is kept clean and in proper working order ; so that it is always ready to use. Maintaining cleanliness should be part of daily work it should not be occasionally activity, initiated when things get to messy. Customers are impressed with a clean environment . It improves morale of employees.

Slide 26: 

SEISO is not this

Slide 29: 

Before - - After

Slide 30: 

After Before

SEIKETSU :- ( Standardizing) : 

SEIKETSU :- ( Standardizing) Be consistent and standardize fashion. Keep up the first 3-S. Introduction of the methods to maintain standard. Best current practice. Follow some standard like ISO.

Slide 34: 

Seiketsu - we all have common duties to do our part to keep all areas of the plant in shape- breakroom, restroom, locker area, parking lot , etc.

SHITSUKI:-(Sustaining discipline ) : 

SHITSUKI:-(Sustaining discipline ) Follow safety procedure at all time. Use and follow standard procedure. Be aware of own attitudes and habits, they affects other more then you know. Follow company rules and regulations.

Benefits :- : 

Benefits :- For employees : Makes job satisfy and enjoyable Removes obstacles. Increase efficiency and effectiveness. Educate co-workers. Improve morale. Provides role and responsibility.

Benefits :- : 

Benefits :- For company Lower cost and higher quality. Less safety concerns. Improves customer satisfaction. Efficiency and effectiveness increase.

Tips of implementing :- : 

Tips of implementing :- Don’t see your 5-S initiative as a stand alone effort. Require management to set up a strong 5-S enable. Require every supervisor and manager to practice 5-S on daily basis. Clearly and visually define; what each 5-S workplace should look like.

Cont… : 

Cont… Include 5-S reorganization in your regular efforts.

Company follow 5-S :- : 

Company follow 5-S :- HP - - Toyota Harley Davidson Parle-G

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