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The Sign of the Beaver Elizabeth George Speare by Friendship and Trust created by: Zaida, Elizabeth & Nadia

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The story is about a boy who lives in the woods alone until his dad gets back with the rest of the family. He meets a Indian boy when he is hurt. The Indian boy has to learn English but he does not like it. They become friends when they begin to trust each other. The Indians had a feast and they invited the boy. Then the Indians have to leave to a new place and to hunt for food and invite the boy to come with them. Summary of the Book

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Friendship is when you are with a person that you can trust. It’s like when you meet a person that is fun to hang out with. You help them do things. When you first meet them you might not like them a lot because you don’t know them, but you become friends after you work on it. Description of our theme

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Examples of Friendship and Trust from our own lives.

Matt and attean met when matt got stung by bees. Attean and his grandfather helped matt out and saved his life. Page 24

Attean’s grandfather asked matt to teach Attean English. Attean didn’t want to do it, but went anyway. Matt and Attean started liking each other as they worked on reading together. Page 32

Matt was invited to a feast because he and Attean killed a bear. This shows that attean’s family trusted matt and they wanted to be his friends. Page 82

When attean invited matt to go on the great moose hunt, it showed that atteans family had practically adopted him in to the family . Page 111

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Examples of Friendship and Trust from our own lives.

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We all met each other by hanging out and talking. It shows friendship because we had to get to know each other first before we could be friends.

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Nadia met her best friend one day at recess. She was the friend of another friend. They sometimes got into fights, but they worked at their friendship and learned to be best friends.

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Elizabeth met her best friend when she was running during PE and they bumped into each other. At first they were mad but they became friends.

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Zaida met her friend when she was working by herself at her desk. She learned that working with another person can help make the job easier.

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In reading Sign of the Beaver, we learned that people in the past did different things and lived in different ways, but their friendships were still the same as like what we have. Friendship and trust were important then and they are important now.

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