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Should kids be sent to a Karate class? Peedur, chief editor at http://www.karateinfoforkids.com/


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Should kids be sent to a Karate class Sending kids for karate classes or schools can be very daunting to parents as the sport is perceived to be “violent” in nature. Contrary to popular belief karate is actually a safe sport as it is a step-by-step and disciplined sport that requires tremendous amount of willpower and focus from its practitioner. With the careful supervision of coaches parents can rest assure to let children immerse themselves in the art and instill discipline while building a strong character with rock solid confidence. It is been reported that kids learning the sport has less difficulty with concentrating on school work and academic classes compared to as before. Their social skills as well as motor skills have improved a lot as well. Children learn to avoid disputes and fights by mitigating through reasoning which is a very important life skill that one needs to possess to survival in the corporate world. This alone proves that martial arts like karate improves one’s emotional intelligence through the constant mundane and crushing drills that its practitioner has to go through repetitively. Another great benefit of the sport would be lesser time spent on playing computer games or breaking free away from gaming addiction. Parents would no longer have to force or coerce children to stop playing video games and focus on their studies thanks to the disciplined instilled in them by their karate coaches. The discipline they have can then be translated to other areas of life where the same will can be applied to withstand against any kind of bad influence in school and in life peers drugs etc. All in all karate should be made compulsory to kids as it offers a great array of benefits and no harms. If there is a need to pinpoint a harm in taking up the sport then it would be lesser time for leisure. However as with any thing in life sacrifices have to be made in order to become a stronger version of ourself doesn’t it Peedur chief editor at http://www.karateinfoforkids.com/

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