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Make social networking easy and more effective for everyone in your organization, while meeting the needs of your compliance, legal, and security teams.


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Product Overview 888.349.3223 TeamActiance More information: ©2014 Actiance Inc. All rights reserved. Actiance the Actiance logo Socialite and the Socialite logo are registered trademarks of Actiance Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Socialite Make social networking easy and more effective for everyone in your organization while meeting the needs of your compliance legal and security teams. With Socialite your organization can rest assured that it has the security governance and compliance it requires for its employees to share and engage on social networks. Engage and share with your audience Marketing and selling socially requires solutions that help your business units improve engagement. Provide teams with the ability to listen to and engage clients on social networks directly from desktop browsers mobile devices and from the Socialite portal and Socialite app for iPhone and iPad. Users can share content from your organization’s library of pre-approved articles and measure the impact of the content they share. That helps them improve their relevancy so they can become trusted sources of information for existing and prospective clients. Make social networks part of any platform Not everyone uses social networks the same way or in the same place. Socialite allows your organization to integrate its compliance and social sharing capabilities with the apps and portals your marketers and sellers use every day. This ensures they have access to the solutions and social networks they need without making them change the way they work. Control features with granular policies Decide which features groups or individuals can access while browsing social network websites on your corporate network. From unrestricted to read-only access Socialite gives you the fexibility to customize policies for Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Google+ and YouTube that meet your unique requirements. Meet compliance requirements Social media can be created edited and deleted at any time by virtually anyone making it diffcult to keep track of changes. Socialite controls captures and allows you to supervise this content then send it to your existing archive or to Alcatraz Actiance’s context-aware TM cloud archive. In Alcatraz content can be retrieved and reviewed contextually making it faster and less costly for legal and compliance teams to do their jobs. Prevent leaks and keep information safe Keeping sensitive information inside your business is a high priority which is why Socialite is designed to monitor your employees’ social media for key words phrases and patterns. It alerts your compliance teams in real-time if concerns are detected allowing them to react quickly to ensure your business is protected. It also includes multi-level content review capabilities in case that is required as part of your compliance review processes.

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