MLM Success – Overcoming Your Marketing Fears


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See today's presentation and learn how to vanquish your fear and build your MLM Success like never before. Today's post is a resource that shows you how...


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MLM Success – Overcoming Your Fears:

MLM Success – Overcoming Your Fears Opt in Today for free training… Internet Marketing Expert, Author and Creator of: “The Make it Real System” “Secrets of the Success Equation” “The Unstoppable Power of a Compelling Reason Why”

MLM Success and Fear…:

MLM Success and Fear… When it comes to MLM Success does Freddy Krueger live under your bed? Are you afraid to let your feet it the ground and take all the steps necessary for you to succeed?

Boogey Man Under Your Bed…:

Boogey Man Under Your Bed… Is there a Boogeyman in your Network Marketing prospecting and Business building life that’s tormenting you and keeping you from breaking through?

Will Fear Control Your Destiny?:

Will Fear Control Your Destiny? When it comes to Fear are you going to face it and Master it for your MLM Success or Let it Dominate Your Destiny Forever?

Facing Personal Fears…:

Facing Personal Fears… We headed out to Mt. Diablo State Park the other day to prove just such a point. To face personal Fear and prove that personal growth can and will triumph and overcome.

Big Chicken Faces Fear..:

Big Chicken Faces Fear.. I invite you to see what happened as one “Big Chicken” faces his Fear head on today.

MLM Reality…:

MLM Reality… If you made it through your first few weeks in the Home-based Business Industry you quickly come to realize you haven’t won the lottery.

Money Doesn’t fall from the Sky…:

Money Doesn’t fall from the Sky… Money doesn’t just fall from the sky and upline spill over isn’t magically building your profit producing business for you.

Real Work Ahead…:

Real Work Ahead… In fact if you’ve made it that far you soon realize it’s going to take some real work on your part to get the ball rolling and create MLM Success.

It’s when Fears Kick in…:

It’s when Fears Kick in… That’s when the fear and the reality kicks in in for many people. “What have I gotten myself into?” is the question many ask themselves.

Some can’t handle it…:

Some can’t handle it… A lot of people drop out right then and there never to return again…they never survive even the first 90 days in business!

Building an MLM is a No Wussy Zone…:

Building an MLM is a No Wussy Zone…

90 day dropouts…:

90 day dropouts… Imagine that… an entrepreneur starting a new company and only giving it 90 days to succeed! lol …

What would become of us…:

What would become of us… Imagine any of the nation’s great industrialists or financiers only giving their ventures only 90 days to succeed before they were ready to quit. We’d still be living in the stone age!

No chance for a Wussy!:

No chance for a Wussy! But it’s true, and people drop out right then and there before they ever have the chance to create something great.

The Wussy Nation…:

The Wussy Nation… They are People who never should have signed up in the first place. People who were misled by unrealistic marketing, hype, inflated expectations, and a warped sense of what it takes to create success in life.

Deep Sigh…:

Deep Sigh… Ahh … such is the state for far too much of Network Marketing.

But what about Fear…:

But what about Fear… What does this have to do with fear? What does this have to do with MLM Success?

PowerPoint Presentation:


Frightening Revelations.,..:

Frightening Revelations.,.. Because you now suddenly realize it’s going to take some real personal growth and initiative to succeed.

Just like the Big Boys and Girls…:

Just like the Big Boys and Girls… It’s going to require becoming a real entrepreneur. It’s going to require you to learn marketing, sales, promoting, and it’s going to take you being willing to do whatever it takes to succeed, the same way Bill Gates had to. The same way Steve Jobs had to.


Business… You’re now a Business person.


Money… You’re going to have to spend money!


Accountability… You’re going to have to be accountable!

Public Speaking…:

Public Speaking… You’re going to have to speak to people, and even speak publically at times!

Risk Taking…:

Risk Taking… You’re going to have to take risks, you’re going to have to grow and develop skills you likely don’t have already.

Personal Growth and Leadership…:

Personal Growth and Leadership… You’re going to have to work on yourself at least 80% and on your business 20% if you want to succeed.

Facing Yourself…:

Facing Yourself… It scares the hell out of a lot of people. Facing themselves, facing growth, and facing the truth is sometimes too much for them.

Most just quit…:

Most just quit… Many people just quit right then and there. Those who persevere learn to succeed and eventually win. Those who quit are quitters, and quitters are never winners.

Which are you?:

Which are you? Which one are you? Quitter or Winner?

Making a Decision…:

Making a Decision… So… once you decide you are here to succeed.

Fear – Growth - Change:

Fear – Growth - Change Once you decide you are in it for the long haul and ready to do whatever it takes to succeed…what do you do about the fear? The Growth? The necessary changes ahead of you…

What’s it going to take…:

What’s it going to take… What must you do to achieve MLM Success ? See the full Video and Article post at: /

All the Answers…:

All the Answers… Guys I want to give you all the answers…but it is beyond the scope of everything I can give you in today’s short post.

I want to give you resources…:

I want to give you resources… What I do want to give you is this… link

What freaks people out?:

What freaks people out? So let’s take a look at things for a moment.

Let’s examine things…:

Let’s examine things… What freaks people out and stops them in their tracks?

Fear, fear, fear…:

Fear, fear, fear… Well for the most part it is prospecting, picking up the phone, and public speaking.

Ridicule from your peers…:

Ridicule from your peers… It’s the fear of rejection, and the fear of failing and having all your friends and peers who told you - you were crazy for getting started with one of those pyramid schemes say they told you so.


Right? Am I right or am I right?

Getting Leverage on the problem…:

Getting Leverage on the problem… If you suffer from this and it holds you back then let’s get you some leverage to succeed.

Eliminating the Obstacles…:

Eliminating the Obstacles… In fact let’s just get rid of some of those major obstacles right away, and show you how to build while you grow.

Eliminate the major causes…:

Eliminate the major causes… Let’s get you hooked up with a super high converting marketing system and platform where you don’t have to do all that crap to experience MLM Success.

Stop Chasing People…:

Stop Chasing People… Would you like to stop chasing people for your business and have them chase you? Hunt you down… Ask to join you?

Put down the phone and get paid!:

Put down the phone and get paid! Would you like to never call a lead again, harass friends and family, people at Starbucks, etc.?

Let’s get Strategic…:

Let’s get Strategic… Would you like to use systems, automation, tools, applied training, and cutting edge strategies to build your business and train your team?

Duplication of Success…:

Duplication of Success… Would you like to see some duplication in your team building efforts without having your phone ringing dawn till dusk, wasting your time hand holding your new recruits, wiping noses, and drying tears.

Stop being Broke and Frustrated…:

Stop being Broke and Frustrated… Let’s leverage your efforts and personality by instantly eliminating some of these barriers to your success right away and get you time and energies focused on productive activities that will build your business and your income instead of frustrate the hell out of you and leave you broke.

Get Started Now…:

Get Started Now… Click Here to Leverage you Success and get Started Now.

Build without Fear..:

Build without Fear.. Begin Today… Building Your Business without Fear. Instantly learn how to eliminate most of the crap from your business that is holding you back!

And for the rest…:

And for the rest… For the portions of your business that you will have to grow and face your fears to accomplish success remember this…

You still need to Grow…:

You still need to Grow… Personal Growth requires Honesty . You must demonstrate honesty to be able to clearly see and illuminate the problems that stand between you and your goals.

For Example…:

For Example… For example… If it is the fear to get in front of a video camera and start taking advantage of video marketing to build your business… if that stops you then you must face the truth of your situation.

Your NOT Likely to Succeed…:

Your NOT Likely to Succeed… The truth is you are not likely to succeed in today’s market if you don’t incorporate video marketing into your business building strategy. Sorry … but it’s true.

So what is the Problem…:

So what is the Problem… What’s the problem? The problem is you. You are not clear about how much you want to succeed, what’s in it for you, and what it is truly costing you in terms of not doing video.

If you want to be a Success…:

If you want to be a Success… If you want to be an MLM Success then you must face this.

Facing the Truth…:

Facing the Truth… You must face the truth and be responsible for the outcome.

Half efforts – Half Results…:

Half efforts – Half Results… If the truth is… that to grow your business you must learn video marketing and you refuse to, you drag your feet slowly and reluctantly, put in half efforts and not your best work, you will get limited results if any.

So who’s the problem…:

So who’s the problem… The truth is you are the problem. Not MLM, not the Company you are in, not your Opportunity , not Timing or the Market , it’s you, and your refusal to grow.

So what does it take…:

So what does it take… So what does it take to change?

What it takes…:

What it takes… Honesty, Courage, Clarity, Volition, Action, and Consistency.

It takes Honesty…:

It takes Honesty… Honesty… Like I said it takes honesty to see the problem. Until you admit that there is something wrong and identify what is causing it, it is hard to fix anything at all that might be broken.

It takes Courage…:

It takes Courage… Courage… it takes courage for many to face the truth and their egos. It takes courage for many to face change.

The Cost…:

The Cost… It takes courage to honestly look at your situation and evaluate what it is costing you now, a year from now, 5 years from now, the end of your life, etc . if you refuse to change.

The Blame Game…:

The Blame Game… Many people just won’t do it. It is easier to stay the same and continue to play the blame game than to grow and change.

It takes Clarity…:

It takes Clarity… Clarity… it takes clarity to see not only where it is you want to be, but also what it will take to get you to your destination.

Getting Clear about things…:

Getting Clear about things… If you want to grow, change and Succeed in MLM then you have to get clear about your outcome.

PowerPoint Presentation:

What is it you want to accomplish, and why? What will it be like when you arrive there?

PowerPoint Presentation:

How will your life be different than it is today? How will that feel?

PowerPoint Presentation:

What new things become possible that fulfill you, serve you, serve others, and fulfill your purpose in life?

Most Important…:

Most Important… Why is this all extremely meaningful and important to you?

Ready for the Next Element…:

Ready for the Next Element… When you have that kind of clarity and purpose fully outlined, when you cultivate it, re-enforce it, and program your mind with this intention, you are then ready for the next element.


Volition… Volition… the will and desire to make a change in these things. The will and determination to produce new results from here forward.

A Burning Desire…:

A Burning Desire… The will and desire to achieve your dreams and goals. It’s the fire in your burning desire, and you can’t get by without it.

It takes Massive Action…:

It takes Massive Action… Action… When all these elements align then the last step is to take action .

New Results – New Social Proof…:

New Results – New Social Proof… More specifically to take new actions that produce new results. When you do this and it produces new results, you have new social proof.

For Example…:

For Example… For instance the fear to produce video and talk on camera is a common problem for new marketers. Many never get past it.

Clumsy – Awkward – Stupid…:

Clumsy – Awkward – Stupid… They feel foolish, they feel like they have nothing to offer in the way of value, they feel awkward, clumsy, extremely self-conscious, etc. and it holds them back and keeps them from producing content when they need to the most .


Hopeless… Many feel like they just can’t do it!

Getting Started…:

Getting Started… But here’s the deal… the minute you begin to, you begin to grow. You begin to literally re-write and re-wire the files in your head that tell you “you can’t”, that “you suck”, and that you should do anything but another video today.

How important is it…:

How important is it… How important is your MLM Success then?

Again what is the Cost…:

Again what is the Cost… What will it cost you if you don’t face the fear and power through?

Clarity and Pain…:

Clarity and Pain… When you have true Clarity of what it is costing you not to go forward grow and succeed, and that pain is greater than the relief of taking action today and just doing it, you will move forward, grow, and get it done.

Willingness to be accountable…:

Willingness to be accountable… But that pain and reality only become clear for you when you are honest, face the truth of the situation, and are willing to be accountable.

A Compelling Reason Why…:

A Compelling Reason Why… This is one reason why Clarity and a clearly defined Compelling Reason Why is so vital ! Click the Link Now and Learn why.

We all sort of Suck at it…:

We all sort of Suck at it… Unfortunately we all sort of suck making our first videos. We all are super-self-conscious and awkward. It takes time to find your voice, find your rhythm, and find your style.

It takes Consistency…:

It takes Consistency… Consistency… To succeed with all of this takes consistency.

You must endeavor to succeed…:

You must endeavor to succeed… You must rehearse these mechanisms of change and growth until the new behaviors become a habit.

Condition yourself to Succeed…:

Condition yourself to Succeed… You Must condition yourself (your mind, spirit, and emotions) for success and the life you most want to live the same way an athlete would condition their body for athletic achievement.

“Cosmic Habitforce…”:

“Cosmic Habitforce …” You must persevere until it is taken over by what Napoleon Hill called “Cosmic Habitforce .”

Installing New Operating Files…:

Installing New Operating Files… When that happens the new rehearsed behavior has become the new habit , the deepest rut, the new operating system.

Real Growth and Change…:

Real Growth and Change… The old fear, old belief, old habit, is erased. Real Growth and Change is accomplished.

New Evidence, New Results, New Territory…:

New Evidence, New Results, New Territory… The old mental file is destroyed. The fear is vanquished and replaced with new social proof, new evidence, new results, new feelings and the realization that you are in new territory now.

Want New Results in Life…:

Want New Results in Life… Do you want to achieve new results in your life?

Start with Yourself…:

Start with Yourself… Then stop trying to change the results and start changing yourself and your actions, your habits.

The Business of Personal Growth…:

The Business of Personal Growth… This business and MLM Success is a Business of Personal Growth.

Why I give Value…:

Why I give Value… It’s why I developed “The Secrets of the Success Equation” it’s why I developed “The Unstoppable Power of a Compelling Reason Why” and it’s why I continue to train people and give away value from these resources continually.

MLM Success…:

MLM Success… If you dream of MLM Success, have set your sights upon it, you are ready to take action and you are clear, then you cannot let fear rule your destiny any longer . Click Here: See the Original MLM Success article and Rock City Fear Video Now

The time for Action is Now…:

The time for Action is Now… The time to take action is now. The time to re-write your history and your future is today.

Get into Action Today…:

Get into Action Today… Use the resources in this presentation and get started.

Or do NOTHING… :

Or do NOTHING… If you don’t want to succeed in Network Marketing or the Home Based Business industry, then do nothing. It’s okay.

Maybe you don’t want it…:

Maybe you don’t want it… Maybe you don’t want freedom, money, time, and to develop your truly unique purpose in life. I don’t know.

But if you do… If you are looking for MLM Success and a bright and vibrant future then use the links here today, take action to overcome your fear, and march triumphantly in the direction of your greatest accomplishments Today.:

But if you do… If you are looking for MLM Success and a bright and vibrant future then use the links here today, take action to overcome your fear, and march triumphantly in the direction of your greatest accomplishments Today. Opt in Today for free training… Internet Marketing Expert, Author and Creator of: “The Make it Real System” “Secrets of the Success Equation” “The Unstoppable Power of a Compelling Reason Why”

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