SEO Do(s) And Don't(s) For DotNetNuke

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It is about SEO Do(s) and Don't(s) for DotNetNuke 7.2. For recommended DotNetNuke Hosting please visit


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SEO Do(s) And Don't(s) For DotNetNuke 7.2 Hosting:

SEO Do(s) And Don't(s) For DotNetNuke 7.2 Hosting With:



DNN was really easy to learn. :

DNN was really easy to learn. The admin interface is fairly intuitive and the code base is extremely consistent. I've rarely needed to refer to the DNN book on my desk (usually just for the esoteric details.)

Simple Web Administration:

Simple Web Administration There is no programming language required while working on the framework of DotNetNuke . The clients can create, supervise and publish web content without the requirement of any specific technical skills. This enables simple web administration through DotNetNuke .

Advanced Features:

Advanced Features DotNetNuke provides the most advanced features that makes it a complete value for money. These features exceed the ones in your homegrown applications. Moreover these features also keep evolving with mulch-functionality in order to cater to the end user requirements. The features of DotNetNuke also save a lot of development time.

Support Network:

Support Network With DotNetNuke , there is a core team of developers who support the applications of DotNetNuke . Blogs, online forums, online help and various websites give DotNetNuke a dedicated network of support .

Simple Implementation:

Simple Implementation DotNetNuke provides a free software application for downloading and installing the latest version of DotNetNuke . It is possible to download and get DotNetNuke running within minutes. DotNetNuke also supports a multi-language localization that enables the website to build on it, and it is also possible to translate it in any desired language .

Latest Technology:

Latest Technology DotNetNuke makes the use of modern day technology, this makes it easier to work with the latest technology.



Documentation is brutal:

Documentation is brutal If you're going to use DNN, get a book on it. It's easy enough without the book, but when you need reference material there is NONE to be found that is at all helpful.

Its not hard... BUT:

Its not hard... BUT it takes hours to search on net HOW TO DO THIS or THAT in this DNN .

Easy to Hack:

Easy to Hack The Dnn framework destroys any security or other Microsoft features like globalization. They implement the membership model but with the site structure ASP.NET security is powerless.

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