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The senior big data engineer certificate helps senior big data professionals get into a better working space. While big data software and applications are widely used in every organization today, there is an increasing demand for senior big data engineers as well. SBDE, by honing skills in the field makes sure you get ahead in the big data marketplace!


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Getng the SBDE ™ - A Preview of the Certfcaton Process There are six distnct stages of your journey toward becoming an SBDE ™ . Heres what these stages look like. Of course weve just tried to take you through a quick tour so many of the details may be missing. Yu may Contact Us for more information. The SBDE ™ Certfcaton Process TAKING THE SBDE ™ 05 CERTIFICATION EXAM 04 Page - 3 I ©2017. DATA SCIENCE COUNCIL OF AMERICA. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. SBDE ™ CERTI Fl CAION PREPRATION MAERIAL THE DIGITALL BADGED SBDE ™ ...... -. "" ..- L-DASCA-SBDE " • c -u. Senior Big Data Engineer " CE� 11 11 1 D CREDI H 1 I Al aA OGE Unique Credential Code: 2017/dasusbe/AM/0200089 Veenti1 Awarde by: Data 51ence Council Of AmNica Creential Awar� to: 1chol.u Flynn Mal Creential Award Dat•: Septembff 21 2017 Credential Expiration Oale 5.ptembt1 20 202 C.1nti1I R11I Du1 on: September 21 2022 lsslr Contact: tJbda�a org Austin. TX.United States Program Pre-requisites The learning scope requirements and rigor of the SBDE ™ program necessitates that individuals intending to undergo the program have a prior strong formal exposure and knowledge of the basic concepts of programming and are hands-on with the tools and techniques of object oriented programming - knowing Core JA and being able to understand SQL statements. They should also be confdent on scriptng languages like PERL or RUBY and should have good practcal understanding of and exposure to working in the Linux and Unix environments. Further SBDE ™ aspirants should be also comfortable with handling databases and spreadsheets and at least have a theoretcal understanding of how Big Data is used in business and in other domains of life and industry.

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