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Telling the story of the ecological, historic and recreational landscape in Dunedin in the 21st century


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Tracks and Trails : 

Tracks and Trails Thoughts on telling the historical, social and ecological story of Dunedin’s landscape in the 21st Century

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Dunedin is unique for its recreational and heritage values that make our city unique. We are enriched with green space but do we connect these spaces to make coherence of our landscape? The Town Belt plays a pivotal role in connecting ecological and heritage areas of our city Dunedin needs to connect its green space creating interpretative trails for the community and visitors and utilise technology to provide on and offsite interpretation. Spiralis Ltd

Telling the Story : 

Telling the Story The Town Belt has never been promoted as a destination, but it has many compelling attributes Its right beside the city and the main institutions It is adjacent to the main tourist accommodation areas It can be accessed by foot , cycle or public transport Provides unique outdoor opportunities within the city Through promotion of the importance of these areas as hubs to our city and their attractions we have a better chance of enhancing restorative efforts to protect them We need to make capital investment from the public and private sector to create Dunedin’s green spaces as destinations that develop economic and community benefits without exploiting the resource Spiralis Ltd

The Town Belt In Context : 

The Town Belt In Context . Spiralis Ltd

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Woodhaugh Gardens is a central part to providing an information hub that links the Leith Valley to the Town Belt. Spiralis Ltd

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Spiralis Ltd

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Information Hubs 1, 2, 3 Spiralis Ltd

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Historic Hub 4 Spiralis Ltd

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Its time we applied a modern approach to the way that we promote our natural areas. We need to utilise technology and create a marketable brand to the community and tourists Spiralis Ltd

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Spiralis Ltd In Dunedin we diminish the value of the Town Belt And create a negative image of the spaces we have. Because we undersell ourselves and our values we devalue the experience that we achieve from these sites for ourselves and others.

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Is it time to be more ambitious for the Town Belt and to promote its values more extensively for the benefit of the city? We need investment, planning and vision for the Town Belt to grow along with our city. Spiralis Ltd

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