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Summary of problems related to Bangalore's traffic.


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Our traffic - do we have a problem ?

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Total vehicles : 32 Lakh 1500 new vehicles added every day Private vehicles comprise 90 % . Traffic on most major roads is 2-3 time the capacity. High vehicle population In April 2008, source - Bangalore Traffic Police

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Every day: There are 27 serious accidents. 3 people die 21 people are injured. 1100 people died in road accidents in 2007, while 500 people dies in 2000. Accidents

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Speed in rush hour 2008 : 15 km. / hr. 1 hour Koramangala to Hebbal. 2010 : 10 km. / hr. ? 1.5 hrs. Koramangala to Hebbal. 2012 : 5 km. / hr. ? 3 hrs. Koramangala to Hebbal. High commute times

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Pic. Courtesy CSE Air pollution is 2 to 3 times acceptable limits on most roads in the city. Air pollution We are all dying slow deaths because of this.

Slide 6: Think you are safe in your car ? Think again ! PBDEs (fire retardants in plastics) cause neuro-developmental damage, thyroid hormone disruption and liver toxicity. Phthalates (in fabric softeners) cause birth defects, impaired learning, liver toxicity, premature births, and early puberty. Your car has large amounts of both these. Levels of Carbon Monoxide, a highly poisonous gas, can be up to 10 times higher in the car than outside. Levels of toxic volatile organic compounds (VOCs) can be 4-5 times higher.

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Roads do not belong to pedestrians and cyclists anymore. Even footpaths do not belong to pedestrians. Pedestrians and cyclists – zero access

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Pic. courtesy Citizen Matters Pic. courtesy Deccan Herald Loss of green cover 70 % reduction in green cover in last 40 years.

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Bangalore is an urban heat island (UHI), an area significantly warmer than its surroundings. Caused by replacing vegetation by asphalt and concrete for roads, buildings. 10 % reduction in vegetation can increase temperature by 4 deg. C. Temperature rise

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Of course we have a problem ! Death by accidents Death by secondary smoking Temperature rise Loss of green cover Astronomical commute times Poisoning in your own car

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If you want to work towards solving the problem, contact Vinay Sreenivasa 98805-95032 OR Roshni Nuggehalli

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