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We offer information and reviews on the best Excalibur ED 2900 Dehydrator from Bestfooddehydratorreviews.org.


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Excalibur 9 Tray Dehydrator - ED 2900 Dehydrater – A Review There is no process as time consuming as making preparations for foods that require drying or dehydrating. And time cannot be cut short as efforts have to be made to make it properly. Drying or dehydrating them is an essential step and it determines the outcome of preservation in most recipes. Also it helps preserve the nutrient value of the food. A good dehydrator and dryer like the Excalibur 9 Tray Dehydrator - ED 2900 Dehydrater is what you need. It has a unique drying mechanism that forces heated air horizontally across each individual tray. This system makes quick drying possible. This action ensures that drying is even and complete. Unlike other dehydrators, which do not have such an action, the trays don’t have to be rotated during operation. The design of the body of the dryer prevents light from reaching the food during drying and helps preserve the nutrients. Due to this, your preservation is complete. Excalibur has included a simple control knob that gives temperature control between 95 degrees to 155 degrees F, to provide drying as desired. The powerful motor of the dryer results in a drying time which hardly runs into hours, leave alone days. The drying chamber itself can be made bigger by removing or adjusting the drying trays. So more foods can be easily accommodated and at once you can do all the drying. The material is approved for safe usage with all foods by FDA. There is a total of 15 Square Feet of drying space. It does not cost much and cleaning it is easy as it is dishwasher safe. It is not bulky as it only weighs 23 lbs. With little hassle in pulling out trays and quality air flow system, this best food dehydrator is ideal. www.BestFoodDehydratorReviews.org

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