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BioTech Life and Technology

BioTech Clinic System 1.0:

BioTech Clinic System 1.0


Content It helps the Clinic department to have an ease in recording patients’ concern who visits daily. It also helps them monitor their stock of medicines that they have.


Content It records the time, date, name, complaints/concerns, and the prescribed medicine. It automatically updates the record of the quantity of medicines both capsules/tablets and syrups.


Requirements Log In Form (administrator and (1)user only) Main Form Record of the patients Search Form Inventory of the medicine Update/ Delete Form

Log In Form:

Log In Form Name Name Password Login

Main Form:

Main Form Add Record Inventory Patient Info Search

Records of the patients:

Records of the patients Name Time In Level/Section Complaint Time Out Department BioTech

Search Form:

Search Form Romyr Reyes Software Solutions 11-21-11 9:00am Head Ache Biogesic Name Level/ Sec Department ok Romyr Reyes Software Solutions 11-15-11 10:00am Cough Solmux Name Department/ Lvl and Sec Time and Date Complaints Prescribed Medicine

Inventory of Medicines:

Inventory of Medicines Item No. Medicine Category Quantity Date and Time Remarks


Summary BioTech is the perfect software to assist nurses in their everyday task of caring for their patients. With an easy to use interface and full integration with Biotech Clinic System 1.0, retrieving and updating medical records couldn’t be any easier.


Members JP Arceno – Head Programmer Sheryl Luna – Assistant Programmer/ Researcher Kaycee Mirasol – Head Researcher/ Encoder Pocholing Gutierrez – Head Designer Donald Anzaldo – Encoder/Researcher/Assistant Mark Espiritu - Supervisor

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