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my activity of final term


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Final Mission

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Talk about friends Make new friends Daily journey shopping Hobbies Family

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In order to learn all this things I have to unleash all my cualities: -creativity -love for make videos -and a microphone But with these cualities I have a weak points, I’m to lazy and I hanve some trobles with my record team

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In the first unit we make groups and tell a anything about us: -name -age -likes -dislikes And whatever what we can tell, that was a troblesome activity because we dont know anybody and we have to explore

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Once we know how to talk about us with new people now we try to make some friends. Using the new skills what we obtained, we talk about us with our new friends

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Leaving the presentations behind we begin to learn how to talk about our daily journey or routine, you know what time a wake and all of that

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Shopping was the next skill what we acquired, ask for prices and nagociate with the salesman. To practice this we have to make a little mall in the room and with some group we do a sell and buy actuations

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The family was a theme some hard because we dont want to talk about our family but step by step we open and make family trees to show to the teacher what we can do

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To end the unit list we have the hobbie unit this was the must easy unit beacause in this we can talk open with our likes or dislikes

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This is my blog, sorry if is too simple but I dont use it, in this blog I make just one entry who talks about me. If we enter in the blog we can see in this unique entry all the rules who the teacher want: -Entry paragraph -principal point -good bye words -keywords

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In some activities I make videos to make the work easy but for my sorry I dont upload it on the blog. To make my videos I use this program the movie maker from windows.

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thank you, muchas gracias

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