Reasons behind success of kingfisher

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Kingfisher is into : Beer Airliners Sports Publishes world’s second costliest swimsuit calendar

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Reasons for the success of KINGFISHER :

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A name synonymous with beer in India-Kingfisher stands for excitement, youth and camaraderie International Quality The look reflects the energy,youthfullness and freedom that are characteristic with the brand’s target consumer. Continuos investment in quality,imagery and packaging.

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In association with very classy and upmarket bars and lounges. High level of awareness to target markets. Brand building in young India’s mindsets. Deep Pockets Good quality raw materials are used to maintain quality standards.

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Consistency of product quality is high. Always tastes fresh due to good quality and well developed distribution networks. Competitive pricing strategy. Available throughout India.

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Positioned itself as king of good times. Positions itself as brand for successful and professional individuals. In flight entertainment options. Trendy fun and yet premium product.

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Taking over rival businesses Entering into different business with the same brand name Calling their airliners as Funliners. Stylish Red Interiors.

Models as Airhostess : 

Models as Airhostess

Aggressive Advertising : 

Aggressive Advertising

Guarantee of the finest experience in Indian skies : 

Guarantee of the finest experience in Indian skies

The person behind it all……… : 

The person behind it all………

And most importantly : 

And most importantly Ooh la la la la ooo le o

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