How Can You Activate Presentation Mode on Dell Laptop

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Learn How Can You Activate Presentation Mode on Dell Laptop


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How Can You Activate Presentation Mode on Dell Laptop:

How Can You Activate Presentation Mode on Dell Laptop

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Laptops from Dell are always appreciated for their seamless performance and agility. A lot of laptop manufacturing brands are there and this manufacturer has earned excellent reputation as leading brand for its quality products.

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Any professional or business executive can use laptops from this manufacturer for the purpose of giving client presentations. To make presentations more interesting as well as engaging, devices come with special presentation mode. Now, many users are unaware of this mode.

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How can you activate this mode on your device? Well, following some simple steps would help you. To know those steps, you can go through following section. Alternatively, you can call Dell customer support Ireland .

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1. Before you start this process, you need a few cables. Nevertheless, you also need to have presentation equipment setup . 2. When your presentation unit is ready, you should connect projector and your laptop through VGA port cable.

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3. It is now the time to power on both laptop and projector. You should move on to next steps when they are powered on properly. 4 . When your computer is ready to be operated, you need to check right hand bottom side of screen. At system tray, you shall come across purple and orange button. You need to click on it.

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5. On your screen, you shall find a wizard, asking you to make presentation settings. At first, you should click “ Turn on Presentation Mode ” button. Now, if computer and projector have been connected properly, you shall note that projecting machine has been detected on your system.

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6. You have now entered into presentation mode for your Dell laptop. Screen of your computer will be visible on screen of projection. 7 . It is also easy to turn off or exit presentation mode by clicking “ Turn off ” button.

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These steps are quite simple to be followed. You should not find any problems in following them, though technical glitches may occur. In case if you need guidance or you want to troubleshoot technical hiccups, you should call Dell support phone number Ireland centre by dialing our toll-free number +353-766803697 . Source

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